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Other life out there
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Chicago, Illinois 2005 or 2006 she says!
5 terrifying alien abductions!
Did the Seres seed life on planet Earth?
1,035,158 viewers to ET interupted broadcast - UK!
Daytime UFO flying over Tottenham, London, UK 29-Sep-2011
What else is on the light side of the Moon?
An alien seen at Unexplained Mysteries!
Take a Google Mars trip & see a structure!
ET had a big hand in early Egypt from a KGB invo...
Was this man's letter channeled by an ET?
The Travis Walton Story
Louisiana ghoul in the woods on a trail cam! HOAXED or not?
Where has our technology come from?
Top Astronaut: says 'Aliens Do Exist'
UFO's and Aliens , other life forms ?
Does other life exist out there ?
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