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The man with no face
Tree Man
World's smallest girl proud of her tiny size
Baby With 2 Faces Born in North India
Fakir Mirin Dajo.
Mortado, The Human Fountain.
Melvin Burkhart: The Anatomical Wonder
Len and Ernie - Two Boys, One Head
Zebra People - Piebald
Martin Laurello - The Human Owl
Emmett Blackwelder ;- turtle man
Ronnie and Donnie Galyon - oldest conjoined twins
Ganga Lai and Gaura Bai
Virginia ;- Catherine McDonald
"May-Joe" the 3 legged girl
Michel Lotito :- the metal-eating man
Couple celebrate 80th wedding anniversary
Baby born with alien features. Deformity or something more?
Lucy Elvira Jones;- The Dog Girl
Koo Koo, the Blind Girl from Mars",
Matthias Buchinger
Mermaida ;- Rose Foster
Sealo, the seal boy
Robert Owen 'Bob' Melvin, the Man with Two Faces
Mary Ann Webster
William "Bill" Durks
Gallery of other Famous Freaks from Barnum's Circus
General Tom Thumb
Zip the "What Is It?"
Prince Randian, the Human Catarpillar
Grace McDaniels, the Mule-Faced Woman
Krao, the Darwin's Missing Link
World's oldest woman has taste for donkey milk
Yao Defen , Asia's tallest woman.
Black and White Twins
Exploiters or slaves ? Barnum's Museum /Circus!
Joseph Merrick, the Elephant man
Origins of freaks
Mary and Elizabeth Chulkhurst, the Biddenden Maids
Lucia Zarate, the Puppet-woman
Lionel, the Lion-Faced Man
The Wild Men of Borneo
Violet and Daisy Hilton
Jo-Jo, the Dog-Faced Boy
Johnny Eck
Sara Baartma, the Hottentot Venus
Carl Unthang, the Armless Fiddler
Little and Large
Ripe old age
Devil's children, horned men.
Two headed man
Freaks ?
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