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crop circles
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Ansty, Near Salisbury, Wiltshire; where else?
OMG! Try using a rope and board doing........
Don a sweater - Pink Floyd - Crop Circles!
Holland circles, Robbert, & apples?
August 1 2012 report cc in Washington State USA
Crop circle trompers nightmare! in maize / 7' TALL CORN!
August 4, 2012 June 2nd UK!
Coast to Coast AM for three hours last night...!
The Swirled News Web site!
The Silent Circle Web site!
Crop Circles at Paranominal's website....!
Russian crop formation May 30, 2011....!
Nancy Talbot's investigation of cc burns in wheat.
In 2009 Milk Hill had more than you might want to know!
In 2008 Wiltshire had more than you might want to know!
ET Corn Gods web site & 9/11 NYCity/ ET/ UFOs?
So its all done with planks and bits of string is it ?
Huntingburg, Indiana crop circles June 06 !!
Russian Researchers Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Crop Cir
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