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World wide Haunted Locations
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American Ghost Stories
Willard Library's Ghost of the Grey Lady Legend!
49 Nurses Tell Their Hospital Ghost Stories!
Missouri's Haunted Places + link to all 50 States!
Haunting sounds heard world wide/ Supernatural!
Bostian Bridge train tragedy GHOSTS HUNTERS DIE
hitler's GHOST --- Baveria, Germany
Ghost testimony convicts criminal.
Fort Churchill US
The Ghosts of Bowling Green State University USA
County Tyrone - Traffic jam after 'ghost sighting'
dead ringers;- chatsworth usa
The Maco Lights- North Carolina's haunted railroad
Ohio reformatory USA
satan's swamp ohio, usa
Ghosts of Malahide Castle IRELAND
Police blame ghosts for damage
Various Haunted locations in Australia
some ghosts stories from round the world
haunted Ships & boats , canals
world wide haunted cemeteries
Various world wide haunted locations
Dever State School United States
Fuller State School and Mental Hospital United States
Malaysian Ghost Stories
The Whaley House San Diego
Middlesboro, usa
"Four Mile" USA
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Haunted By Past Spirit?
Ghost Haunts Policemen;-Nuwakot district
Haunted French Abbey
NICE, France
The Colorado Street Bridge Route 66 California
OKLAHOMA usa;- the Gilcrease Museum ghost
Oklahoma route 66 ghosts
Celebrity & Infamous Ghosts of America
Race Rock Lighthouse, New York, USA
Birdcage Theatre, Tombstone
Leap Castle ;- ireland
Flying Dutchman ship)
Maitland Gaol, Australia
Some ghosts from Asia, Poland, Australia
"Loftus Hall, Co. Wexford IRELAND
Kentucky ghosts & the white plague;- tuberculosis
The smurls haunting ;-Pennsylvania
The Pigeon River Gorge in North Carolina 1989!
Hickory Hill ;- THE OLD SLAVE HOUSE, in Southern Illinois
Some Haunted Locations ;- in France
Toys’R’Us :- Sunnyvale, CA
The REAL Ghosts in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion
Spring Hill Cemetary
Town haunted by ghost bride :- Argentina
Spirits haunt road intersection ;- Deva,
Adams, Tennessee USA - The Bell Witch Legend
Haunted Locations in California part 2
Haunted Locations in California
"Miles" Cemetery;- Illinois USA
possession of Emily Rose (or Anneliese Michel.)
The lady in white at Bachelor's Grove, Chicago
The Octagon, Washington, D.C.
Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pa
The Queen Mary, Long Beach, Calif.
The Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York City
The Constellation, Baltimore, MD
The Chase Vault (AKA The Moving coffins of Barbados)
La Llorona
The Winchester Mansion, in San Jose, California,
The Ghost Patrol, France
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