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'Winchester' - A Mysterious Mansion - The movie!
Our NEW Doppler Radar: X marks the spot!
Trucker's prayer fulfilled when I passed a Greyhound bus!
Johnny Bravo cartoon's burning sky scraper & caption 01
Linda Moulton Howe's famed Earth Files!
Holland's Theo Jansen and his Strandbeest creations!
American baseball players stop in PDQ!
Man induced rain storms in Abu-Dhabi
Tree grew in man's lung
Uncle Jack's New Suit - Funny True Story ??
true graffiti messagess written on walls
TRUE WORDS OFWisdom From the Military
TRUE Actual Newspaper Headlines
Man auctions his life
7 Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries
Facts about Friday the 13th
Celebrities' real names
Weird funny place names
World's Worst Predictions - Famously Wrong Predictions
Man Had Pigeons Down His Pants
Hot Sunny Beach with Cold Sand
Squirrel Flavoured Chips / crisps
Swiss Air pilot flying jet powered as Fusion Man!
Do the dreams mean anything!!!!
some short Weird Tales
'Pregnant man' goes on Oprah Winfrey show
Man in Thong Leaves Video of Alleged Break-In
Tooth appeal
Clossifieds :- Selection of misprints fron various papers
Happy Crashing The New Happy Slapping
Optical Illusion
Crocodile-wrestling gran honoured
Is the next millenium really the year 2000?
Amazing but totally unaplicable maths
Exact same murder, exactly 100 years on?
True Newspaper cuttings
Brains' of Britian?
True London Underground train announcements
Flying in safe hands....
The New YF-24 Stealth invisible military plane
Testing reinforced aircraft windscreens
Killer teddybear
Teenager battles to keep 9mm bullet lodged in his forehead
Nude man has anal screwdriver
Strange stories from around the world
You're covered! Even for the dumbest acts ;- life insurance
Nude man arrested for carrying a concealed weapon ?
strange but true stories from around the globe
2,000 paid for a chicken drumstick
30 useless facts
Natural oils gave young boys breasts
Baby Adolf
Portrait of Lincoln :- fake ?
Lost Items: Mom's Ashes, Prosthetic Leg
Man forced to marry four wives in six months
Wife goes to court to stop hubby's ghost stories
The oldest surviving condom
That's a Mouthful
'Pyramids' discovered in Ukraine
Your Eyelids Are Getting Heavy
Couple's Home Infested With Snakes
Woman Has Longest Fingernails in World
REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR! 1st seen 12/7/39! vs 9/11/01 in 1986!
Strange but useless facts
Six men jailed for exhuming a 'vampire'
Voodoo head found in air luggage
Mailed snake sparks postal panic - Germany
Man copies sword swallowing routine - lives
Strange Artifacts ;- Ancient Flying Machines
Strange Artifacts;- Mystery Skulls
Tooth appeal
Record groom leaves 29 wives cold
Doctor's grave error ;- BUCHAREST
I Don't Believe It
STRANGE BUT TRUE ;- It's All in the Heart
So, you think you're having a bad day? TRUE STORY
STRANGE BUT TRUE- Fugu you: A fishy way to kill yourself
"I wish to have one copy of every book in the world,&qu
Did Hugh Williams drown three times at the same place?
Abraham Lincoln's son present at 3 assassinations?
STRANGE BUT TRUE ;- amzing facts
selection strange but true stories, that happened in 2005
Green mamba snake sent through post
67-year-old Paid for teen bride
Russian wants to marry a cow
Strange Stories
More STRANGE BUT TRUE Coincidences
Strange But Cool Coincidences
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