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Oceanlab films Mariana Trench - Pacific Ocean
Snake filmed killing small crocodile in lake!
North American Bigfoot Research
Digital artwork of Sasquatch
Daily Mail online Bigfoot from Spokane, WA
Oprah's war hero dog guest named Target euthanized!!
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been?
The Grim Rea-purr
RSPCA Inspectors tales
Animal Facts
dracula fangs fish is new species
Traffic Dam: Beaver Causes Chaos On The Roads
Yoda - the cat with four ears plus other wierd animals pic's
Weird Animals - Strange But True Facts
Cat vs. Peanut Butter Jar
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization/ BFRO dot net!
Donkey Sent To Prison For Attack
Lost parrot talks its way home
can i see your driving licence please !!!
Thieves Snort a Line Of Dog -
Woolly leader of the pack
The ferret, the pit bull and baby's missing toes
The mouse, the cat, and the dog getting along
Five die in India trying to save pigeon
Boy tied to tree for nine years for biting dogs
Dog hops on bus to go to pub
OAP posts cat
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