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Life and death
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RMS Titanic disaster 1912
Sink the Bismark! song, documentary & movies
US poet Walt Whitman writes "Leaves of Grass"
The Doors' - Ode to Desert Storm 1990 - 2017 & I.E.D.s?
Amish buggy hit - 3 dead - weird report - texting driver!
America's dumbest mayor/ new anti fluoride spot!
The Ode to Monsanto's CEO!
THE MOST Popular Ways to SNUFF~IT !!??
10 Common Facts & Elements of Near-Death Experiences
FACTS The 22 Steps of a Medical-Legal Autopsy
Disneyland Deaths
SOME Strange and True Facts about Death
Life and death parallels of 2 US Presidents!
My great grandparent's grave marker's black V !
The Diana - Morrissy Phenomenon by David Alice
Tokyo's 'Oldest Man' Had Died 30 Years Ago
True stories about Deaths ??
Bizarre suicide
Death Via Toilet
Death ban in Brazil
Overkill ;- Unfortunate Suicide
Lady Luck ? / Back From the Dead
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