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Shadow People - Shadowers - Dark Apparitions

Shadow People - Shadowers - Dark Apparitions

Shadow people or Shadowers are some of the most frightening sightings that have been experienced over the years, many sightings often come with a feeling of terror, doom, and evil.

What are shadow people? The answer to this is not easily answered as different sightings cause difference reactions. Many will associate something dark as automatically evil, which in most cases maybe the case, but in reality this is not always the case. For instance many apparitions seen at night are seen as light anomalies for the reason that white or light will be better seen in the dark or at night. Many evil spirits have been seen at night as light or white in appearance as to better be seen. Spirits being dark doesnít guarantee the spirit is evil or bad. But many spirits will appear as there mind state is, so any spirits that are angry or maybe even depressed might be shown as dark to its viewer.

Shadowers have also been connected to "Sleep paralysis" and the "old hag syndrome". Many people believe that shadowers are some form of alien race that are invisible to most, and are studying human kind and can be seen by some people, for what reason it is unknown.

Above a Shadower caught on camera, in the stage of forming into an apparition.

Shadowers are reported as small as 4 feet tall to 17 feet tall, possibly even taller. I believe that these entities are possibly from a dimension that is void of light, whether they are demons or evil spirits is debatable, but many experiences are not pleasant ones.

Someone I know when she was a teenager before I was born was walking down an alleyway that ran down the side of a park thatís known for dark occult activities in London with her sister, when suddenly at the end of the alleyway they saw a strange shadow that was standing stationary looking at them, she and her sister stopped walking to try and better make out what it was, or who it was, when suddenly it rapidly started to walk towards them at great speed, frozen with fear they just stood there and faced the oncoming figure, when the dark figure got closer she said that it looked like a gorilla type figure with its hands longer that they should be and where drooped forward dragging along where the ground level was, just like a gorilla would, she said when the figure had got just in front of them it was around 12 to 14 feet tall, and as it passed them it knocked them both off there feet, she said it was as if a wind had knocked them over, not a physical being. As it passed and disappeared behind them they said it was making a terrifying moaning or growling sound. Also Shadowers can show them selves in just dark mists, or forms of energy.

I personally believe the negative types of shadowers that are witnessed are more likely to be psychic vampire type entities that feed on peoples fears and emotions and life forces created by murders and traumatic events that might have happened in that area.

Another scary theory is that shadowers can take on any form they wish, including people you know and trust.

Shadowers are mostly seen by people out of the corner of there eye.

These shadowy entities are said to cause people to have bad nightmares unless they are banished from the location or person.

Reply finally & it's now a busted goose egg..........

This shadower topic is brought up a lot on America's Coast to Coast AM that's world wide in the Internet. The shows originator, Art Bell, coined the terms shadow person and shadow people.

Those shadow/haint pics are   but    catches on film! Very, very interesting italianguy.

So there must be white ghosts and black ghosts.... Forum Index -> Legends, myth and magical beings
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