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THE AURA :- What is the aura?

What is the aura?

- The aura explained

Firstly, its something that I and other psychics see. You may also see it or sense it. You may see a light around a person's head or you may sense somebody's mood. One could think of it as an atmosphere around the human body- just as the planet earth has an atmosphere.

In short, the aura is an energy field- it's our life force. It takes two forms - the cosmic vibratory energy that is omnipresent in the universe, structuring and sustaining all things and the specific aura that sustains each human body. You will learn how to draw upon both of these incredible sources of energy.

Recognition of the fact that humans are surrounded by an aura dates back millennia- Christian saints are of course traditionally shown with a halo around the head, the ancient Egyptians did the same for their gods or important human beings as did the Hindus, Buddhists, Greeks and Romans. And these beliefs continue right up to the present day. The aura is generally recognised as having seven layers. Most psychics only see the first three- those closest to the physical body. The outer auric layers are concerned with the the shape of the aurasoul and spirit whereas the inner auric layers relate to mind, emotions and health.

The aura is shaped like an egg made of fibrous light surrounding the whole of the body. To some, it is like a heat haze radiating all around the person shimmering with light and energy. It has every colour imaginable including those that are beyond the visible spectrum. Or in the words of Sir Winston Churchill "I expect orange and vermilion will be the darkest and dullest colours and beyond them will be a whole range of wonderful new colours which will delight the celestial eye."

Aura Colour Meanings and Interpretations
for Aura Reading

Many people ask about aura colour meanings. What are the meanings of aura colours? How do you interpreter auras? What does each colour mean, interpretations? Everyone and everything has an aura. Our aura is filled with colours that reflect and depict each and every facets of ourselves. These colors tell everything about us and can be interpreted because each colour has a meaning. Psychic readings can be given through aura readings and here you will find information regarding Auras and the meanings, these are some interpretations of the colours that can be seen in our Auras. It is hoped that these will help to give you some clearer insights into Auric Reading.

Aura Colours - Aura Colors

REDS - Aura Colour Meanings

CARMINE : Indicates a person who is seeking change

VERMILLION : Highlights creativity

RUSTIC RED : quick tempered

SCARLET RED : Can indicate a person a big ego

CRIMSON : innate creative talents

MAROON : Ability to own ones own self power

CLARET : Tenacious

ORANGES - Aura Colour Meanings

APRICOT : Indicating thoughtful communication

ORANGE : strongly motivated

PUMPKIN : self-disciplined

AMBER : Indicating individual strength and courage

CARAMEL : Indicating positive occupation changes

COPPER : Rarely seen but usually seen in those of the mining industry

RAW SIENNA : indicates weak thought processes

YELLOWS - Aura Colour Meanings

PALE YELLOW : introversion

PRIMROSE : Cheerfulness and confident

LEMON YELLOW : strength of direction

BUTTERCUP YELLOW : focused on a path of action

GOLDEN YELLOW : Indicates inspirational thought

MUSTARD : May indicate manipulative tendencies

STRAW YELLOW : day dreamer

BROWNS - Aura Colour Meanings

FAWN : Indicates the end of a period of problems

DOE-SKIN : Indicates methodical and organized people

MUSHROOM : a slowing of destiny

CHOCOLATE BROWN : Indicates links to the earth horticulturalists,

agriculturalists and environmentalist

RUSSET-BROWN : a hard working person

TERRACOTTA : an unconventional individual

DARK BROWN : indicates common sense

GREENS - Aura Colour Meanings

PALE GREEN : spiritual advancement

LEMON GREEN : Indicating liars and cheats


IRIDESCENT GREEN : extremely sociable people

EMERALD GREEN : Laying to rest of a problem

JADE : Indicates a benevolent character

VIRIDIAN : emotionally and mentally stress

OLIVE GREEN : can indicate a miser

DARK GREEN : mental stress

TURQUOISE : Often indicates success in life in someone

who has had to fight their way out of hardship.

PINKS - Aura Colour Meanings

PALE PINK : true love

PINK MADDER : indicates faithfulness and real commitment

SALMON PINK : people who have found their true vocation and love it

IRIDESCENT PINK : sexual desire

DUSTY PINK : indicates a foolish person

BLUES - Aura Colour Meanings

AQUA : The colour of a healer

PALE BLUE : Indicates sensitivity

SKY BLUE : well developed basic instincts

COBALT BLUE : Indicates intuition coming from the advanced area of the aura

PRUSSIAN BLUE : Indicates harmony

ROYAL BLUE : Indicates someone who has found their path in life

DELFT BLUE : strong principles

ULTRAMARINE : Indicates connections with the sea, sailors, surfers.

NAVY BLUE : Indicates slow, but safe and sure individuals

INDIGO : Great psychic talent

PURPLES - Aura Colour Meanings

LAVENDER : Indicating the experience of a near death experience.

LILAC : spiritual stability

MAGENTA : Indicating entrepreneurial skills

MAUVE : : Indicating a modest individual

IMPERIAL PURPLE : Awareness of dreams

GRAPE : idleness

VIOLET : indication of a humble person

OTHERS - Aura Colour Meanings

SILVER GREY : See in people who practice yoga

SILVER : Indicating the individuals connection with higher guidance.

ZINC : Usually seen around the sexual organs during arousal

CREAM : found in individuals who are following their the right path of development.

PEARL : Highly tuned mediums often have this colour in their aura.

GOLD : Indicating an elevated level of awareness.

Colures indicating problems

BLACK : Can often be seen in the auras of abused children,

divorcees, drug addicts and people who have experienced

torture or great trauma in their lives.

GREY : Can indicate a feeling trapped in their life

CHARCOAL GREY : Can indicate Depression

Aura Color Meanings

The list of colours and their means are endless really but it is hoped that this offers an introduction to the colours of the aura and their meanings.

Reading Auras
Interpreting The Energy Field Of Life

Interpreting The Energy Field Of Life
Aura: au|ra -
A particular atmosphere or quality that seems to surround a person or thing.
From Webster's New World Dictionary (3rd College Edition)

Aura Interpretations
There are 4 facets to perceiving and interpreting the energy of the aura. Layers are determined by color variations. Within the color, the shape, consistency and clarity all determine the meaning of that layer.

Is the yellow you perceive around the head bright like the sun or dingy and faded? Is the green just an oblong ball around the elbow or is it around the whole body? Does the red appear as a spike flashing across the torso or is it consistently present around the head?

These examples will be further detailed, but you can see the many factors that determine the meaning of what you see. It's important to be as precise as you possibly can during a reading, whither it is for yourself or for someone else. The more you practice your second sight, the more accurate you will become in distinguishing these slight variations.

Color and Clarity
Most methods of aura reading define particular meanings for each color in the spectrum. Definitions for the primary colors are generally consistent, however there are some differences. Become familiar with the common interpretations of the primary colors (red, blue, green, etc.) from these you should be able to decipher the more complex colors of the spectrum (burnt orange, aquamarine, gray, etc). These combination colors generally take on the combined meaning of the primary colors.

In certain circumstances, red equals anger, brown equals deception. Therefore a reddish brown aura would be a combination of both.

The clarity or brightness of the color also plays a key role in color interpretation. Very often a color that appears cloudy has the opposite meaning of it's vibrant and clear counterpart.

A vibrant yellow generally means the subject is successful and modest. A dull or cloudy yellow indicates frustration and a tendency to be vain.

Location and Shape
As you learn color definition, you should also become familiar with the location of the color and how the two relate. The location, consistency and clarity of a color within the aura help to determine their full meaning.

A clear, vibrant, and consistent yellow about the head indicates intelligence, wisdom, and success. But if just one of these parameters is modified, the meaning of the color can change. A vibrant yellow around the chest area could indicate compassion, patience and a willingness to give.

You may see a color localized in a specific area (as in the example above). But if you look at the entire aura overall, regardless of layers or color, you may see a hole in the aura. This could indicate a dysfunction in the physical body, such as disease or injury. In most cases the injury or illness may not even be apparent in the physical, but rather is in the beginning stages. This type of deformity in the aura is indicative of long standing problems, such as ulcers, cancer etc. These types of physical ailments use a great deal of energy to form within the body. The hole is an indication that the body is drained of it's recuperative powers and is being forced to pull energy from outside itself in order to feed a symptom inside the body.

In some cases you might see a dent in the aura in a particular location. The aura is not always perfectly egg shaped as often seen in pictures or books. It can be completely flat on one side, or "s" shaped on another. This can occur for two reasons. The most common is an intrusion or interruption has occurred to the subject.

If a person walks past, very close to you, they may unintentionally steal some of your energy. If someone suddenly reaches out and grabs your arm, they are interrupting the flow of energy around your body. An example of this might be a time when you were talking to someone and you thought they were standing to close to you. You may have even thought to yourself, "They're in my space." and backed away. Even this slight intrusion into your aura or 'space' can interrupt the flow of energy.

The second cause is similar to seeing a hole in the overall aura. Curves or dents in the aura can also be an indication that a physical injury has occurred and the body is pulling energy in to heal itself. The key to making the correct determination in these cases is to look at the color associated with the disfigurement. If the major color around the dent, for instance, is green, then the deformity probably indicates an illness. If however, the color is lavender, this it is more likely that an interruption of the energy field has occurred.

Consistency and Spikes
The parts of the aura we have discussed thus far are consistent or primary energy patterns. Layers within the pattern may change color, shape or location, but this usually occurs gradually and overtime. As a person's general attitude and health changes, so does the primary energy field around the body.

But every action, physical or mental, creates energy and effects the aura. Therefore, sudden emotions or thought patterns can generate instant energy patterns or peaks in the energy flow. This type of energy appears as a spike shooting out from one part of the body or as a lightening bolt across the entire aura. Emotions or sudden thought patterns may not last for a long period of time, therefore the energy they produce is also quick and sudden.

Interpreting spikes is really no different than understanding consistent energy. Just keep in mind what spike energy represents, then apply the appropriate color interpretation to that sudden appearance.

Reading An Aura:

It will be most beneficial for you to develop your own methods for reading auras. You should use books and charts only as a launching pad, not as set in stone rules and procedures. Don't become overly dependent on the systems of others, because what works well for some will not work as well for others. There are certain commonalities within each method and their color interpretation, so you should be able to pick and choose what works best for you.

Reading Auras
There are several guidelines or steps you should follow when you begin reading auras for other people. These range from picking out a specific location in your house for conducting spiritual work, to determining the intent of the work itself. These guidelines are not meant to restrict your abilities, but rather to enhance them. Again, you should vary these suggestions to fit your own personal requirements.

Preparation Techniques
Because thought is energy, the images you visualize are manifested or created on the ethereal (spiritual) plane. Meditation can be used to provide add focus and positive energy for the creation of these images. 'Visualized meditations' can help you protect yourself, as well as, prepare your surroundings for positive and enlightened aura readings.

There are as many methods of meditation as there are people on the planet. Choose one that feels the most comfortable for you or use one of meditations described in this book as a beginning guideline.

Selecting an Environment
Informal readings, those you do for a pet or plant, may not require or be practical for these guidelines. Formal readings, those you do for yourself or others, are typically done in a home, or alternative medicine clinic. The actual place doesn't really matter, as long as you are comfortable and feel secure and can control the energy flow in the room.

If you are the practitioner, set-up the environment to your own personal specifications. It should be fairly well lit, natural light is best, but a few well placed soft light fixtures can do just as well. The place you choose should be comfortable for you to concentrate and prepare yourself for the reading. A place where you will not be disturbed for an hour or so. And finally, it should have comfortable chairs and surroundings with little or no distractions. Choosing a room that overlooks the community playground would not necessarily be an appropriate place to perform readings.

There are many methods to prepare a room for a reading. Native American traditions use smudge sticks to replace negative energies with positive forces from the Great Spirit. Many people use select crystals arranged in specific patterns throughout the room to ward off any unwanted energies. Some people use candles and meditations, while others use a combination of these. Simply choose a method that suits your own tastes. If you are conducting a reading for a client, you should prepare the room about 15 to 30 minutes in advanced. If the reading is for yourself, prepare the room before you begin.

If you're reading for someone, you may consider taping the sessions for your client. This provides them with a record of their reading for future reference. It also, alleviates any desire the client may have to keep notes during the session. If the client is uncomfortable or is constantly taking notes, this could be distracting as you try to scan their body for information and/or problem areas.

If the reading is for yourself, tape your perceptions. Then replay the tape later on and take notes on what you saw and where. Then compare these notes to how you feel. Indicate in your documentation the accuracies and conflicts. After a few days or a week has passed, review the notes and see if anything you saw has come to pass.

If you thought you saw a faint green light around your chest, but you have no physical illness in that area. Go back a week later and review your notes. You may discover the green energy was a warning of the chest cold you have now.

Preparing Yourself
The most important step to reading an aura for someone else, is to not let your own energy get in the way of your sight. Your energy field can act as a filter and cloud the view to your subject. Depression, anger or any draining emotion can also cloud your vision.

To combat these problems, be sure you are fully energized and emotionally up beat when conducting a reading. This will strengthen your well-being and prepare your physical body for the energy it will expend during the reading. Some professional readers also recommend limiting or postponing any sessions if you have a cold or flu. The reading may rob you're body of valuable energy it needs to combat the illness.

To eliminate the filter effect of your own aura, take a few minutes before your client arrives to perform a quick visualized meditation. This will temporarily move your aura out of the way and provide you with the clear path needed to see the subject's aura.

You want to remove a much smaller amount of the filter if the reading is for yourself. You don't want the filter in front of your eyes to distort the other energy around your body. But at the same time, you don't want to move too much of your energy out of the way either. Doing so will clear your aura and you'll see nothing of value. Much like erasing a video tape before you've watched the movie.

Remember to protect yourself from the energy output of your subject. Energy is free flowing and can affect anyone or anything in it's path. So as not to take on the emotions or baggage of others, you need to learn how to protect yourself from outside energies. This is extremely important when conducting a reading for a client. Taking on the emotions of someone else is almost like being infected with a disease. This will interfere with the reading, not to mention the rest of your day.

If a client comes to you for a reading about a personal problem that has them worried or depressed, don't let their emotions rub off on you. To be sympathetic or feel empathy is to take on someone's emotions in order to understand their position . Instead of taking on this energy, protect yourself and provide them with a little compassion and understanding.

Protecting your own energy field before a reading or any time you come in contact with others, will help you ward off any unwanted feelings. But you have to be able to identify these energies in order to help your client. The caution here is not to label or judge people because of one or two colors, the shape or the clarity of color you might see in their aura. You must take a look at the entire picture to provide complete and useful information.

Preparing the Client
After you have set-up the room, the tape or whatever duties you needed to perform, allow yourself a few moments to calm down. If you're reading for a client, allow time for them to calm down and relax from the drive once they arrive. Spend a few moments in pleasant conversation. Explain what an aura is and how it can help a person decipher and address any current issues they may have.

When your comfortable with their energy level, light a small white candle to symbolize the joining of conscious minds. Imagine the flame is being lit from within your spiritual body and is reaching out to connect with your client. Begin the reading with a favorite prayer and ask your guide(s) to assist and protect you during the session.

Concluding a Session
When you have completed a reading, for yourself or for a client, be sure to ask if there are any outstanding questions. If not, close the session with a prayer of thanks to your guide(s). Then spend a few moments to think about, discuss any problem areas or review any issues that may have been identified in the reading. Injuries to the physical, mental and spiritual bodies are simply symptoms of an underlying cause. If you identify the source of the ailment you've seen in their aura, you can help to heal or avert the injury. There are many healing books available on this subject. One excellent publication is 'Heal Your Body' by Louise L. Hay from Hay House Publications.

Providing information about an aura is an admirable quality. But if no action is taken to alleviate any problem areas, then the reading is generally pointless. This is just as true for your own well being as it is for a client. When you practice reading yourself, you must set your ego aside and trust your first impressions. Don't second guess what you see, simply record it and determine it's implication to your life later on.

Other Considerations
Aura reading usually takes time to fully interpret and analyze. Helpful readings can be performed within 30 to 60 minutes. More detailed readings in the outer fringes can take longer to interpret. They are often not as strong or clear as the inner layers and therefore it may also take more time to perceive these layers, so don't give up. Just remember to practice and study other methods until you find what works for you.
Clearing the Aura
As discussed previously, your own aura can act as a filter between you and your subject. This is a brief exercise that may help you push your own aura aside and prepare you for a reading. This meditation will also help you protect yourself from your clients emotional energies.
Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturb for 10 to 15 minutes. Sit in a chair or on the floor, but keep your back straight. If you choose to use spiritual music, begin the tape now.
Close your eyes and take in 3 deep breaths through your nose. As you do, imagine the positive white light of the universe entering your lungs and energizing your physical body. As you exhale through your mouth, imagine a gray smoke that carries with it any negativity, stress or anxiety as it exits your body. Say to yourself 'I release all stress and negative emotions to the universe, where they can be dissipated and no longer do harm to anyone'. As you take in the final breath, imagine God's energy filling your lungs with a large ball of pure protective white light.
As you return to normal breathing imagine the white ball of light beginning to grow as it mixes with your own energy. As the ball becomes larger, the positive light pushes through your organs, tissue and muscles, forcing any leftover stress out of your body and into the universe to be dispersed. Imagine the energy pushing up through your chest, neck and head. Then see the energy pushing downward, through your stomach, hips, legs and feet.
When you have imagined the light fully encompassing your entire body, push the light farther out in front of you to open a doorway through your aura. Imagine a giant pair of pure white hands opening your aura and pushing it aside like a curtain. Ask your guide(s) to help you keep the doorway open until the reading with your client has been completed.
Sit for approximately 10-15 minutes and allow God's light to energize your body and prepare you for the reading. When you are ready to end, thank God and your guide(s) for their assistance.
When you're ready, open your eyes and make any final preparations for your reading.

Click here and try some of our Aura Reading Exercises. As with anything, practice, patience with yourself and determination will all make your new sense of seeing the aura become a reality. Just don't lose faith in yourself. You can do this! Every one can.

Aura Reading
An Exercise

Practice is the key to developing any new skill. Spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on each exercise. Don't lose patience with yourself, just keep trying. If you can't perform one exercise each day, try to practice at least 3 times a week.

When you perform the exercise trust your instincts. If you think you see purple around your head, don't second guess yourself. You may want to keep a pen and paper nearby to record your findings. Write down the time it takes you to perceive the white inner layer, then the mid-layers and so on. Write down the colors you see and their location. When you are finished, put the paper aside and don't look at until after the next time you practice. This will help to keep your previous records from influencing the next session. Keep notes during the next practice session and compare them to the previous record. You may surprise yourself at how consistent your becoming, and how each time takes less and less effort to see the aura.

After the exercise, write down the corresponding interpretation of colors you perceived. This is a good way to become familiar with and to remember what each color means.

The white inner-aura is always the first thing you should see when you begin reading auras. As you progress and develop your skill it will become easier for you to see the other layers. You will be able to distinguish the colors of the aura. You'll begin to notice the slight differences between the inner, mid and outer layers of the aura field. And finally you'll begin to have a 'feel' for what each color, layer and location mean to the subject.

Remember it takes time to develop a sense of these energy patterns. Don't get discouraged if you can not see the colors right away, or if you have trouble seeing the white inner-aura itself. Practice makes perfect, you may not see anything on your first try, but don't let that stop you from trying again.

Reading and listening to other information about auras can only increase your knowledge and abilities. But it will be up to you to practice and to go within for the true interpretations and analysis of a reading.


Mirror Watching
This is a technique used to practice reading your own aura. This can be more helpful and valuable to you because you are not watching someone else who could become restless and impatient. But at the same time, many people have difficulty in being objective with themselves. This exercise should be used to practice seeing the aura and not necessarily interpreting it.

Sit in front of a mirror. Place a small lamp, with a white shade, on a table to the left or right of the mirror. Be sure the light does not reflect in the mirror or is uncomfortable to your eyes. Begin by looking at your shoulder and neck area in the mirror. Let your eyes go out of focus, as if you were looking beyond your body's reflection. After some practice you should begin to see a white glow or outline, about 1 to 2 inches wide, around the shoulder and neck. This is your inner-aura.

Perceiving Colors
Now that you know what to look for, sit in front of your mirror as in Exercise 1. Practice seeing the white inner aura once again, only this time, try to move your focus to the outside line of the white glow.

As you practice, you will begin to see the white outline grow wider. However, there should be a slight variation in the color, off white as opposed to snow white. As you watch the aura form, you will be able to see slight color emerge around the edges of the white aura. They maybe faint and cloudy at first, but keep watching and practicing. This is the beginning layer of the middle aura.

Perceiving Shapes.

To perceive shapes in and around the aura, you need to be able to see the entire aura. You should be able to look at all the sections and layers as if they were one big ball of energy. Return to you mirror and lamp as in Exercise 1. Find the white outline, move your vision out and practice seeing the color variations once more.

Each time you practice, try moving your focus up to your head. If you lose the perception, begin again. You should be training your insight to focus on the aura regardless of where your physical eyes are looking.

You should be able to move your vision around the entire body. Not just the outlined area, but in front of your body as well. In other words, you should be able to look at the stomach and perceive the energy that exists in front of the body, not just the illumination on the sides.

Try looking from one shoulder to the other, following the line of energy around the outside of the body. At this point don't try to go across the neck. In this case a straight line may not be the best way to your destination. Try to keep your perception as you move your vision past the ears, around the top of the head and back down the other side to the opposite shoulder.

When you can move your eyes without losing the perception, try moving your sight to the center of your body. Look at your throat and upper chest area. If you have a full-length mirror, move your eyesight down to your stomach and legs.

You should notice a variety of colors depending on the location you're looking at. You may see a gentle shade of blue around your chest, but as you move your sight down to your stomach, the blue begins to meld with a light green. The color within that same layer may change again as you move your sight to another part of your body.

As you practice, the layers will grow wider and it will take less time for you find the aura.

Distinguish Consistent Energy
This maybe the most difficult exercise to conduct on yourself. So an alternative would be to practice with a friend or while your in a meeting or at a lecture. Focus on the speaker or the other people around the conference table. If these options are not possible or you don't feel comfortable practicing on someone else, go back to your mirror and lamp as in the previous exercises.

Try to see the white outline, then move your eyes farther out to perceive the entire aura. Focus on the color variations, the location and shape of the energy. If you're reading someone else, continue to watch their aura as you take notice of their emotional state. If they're laughing or happy, do you see any sudden bursts of pink around the chest area? If they're stressed or upset, do you see any spikes of brown or red?

Because inconsistent energy is not always present, it may be difficult to practice this exercise. But you should try. Perceiving these energies will help you know when you can or shouldn't deal with other people. So don't give up, just practice.

Other Exercises

Plant Watching
Everything living has an aura, even plants. If you find it difficult to read your own aura, practice on a tree or plant that won't be moving in a breeze.

Sit in front of a potted plant. Choose a spot near the top or at the base of the plant. Let your eyes go out of focus. Look beyond the plant, as if you're focusing on an object hanging from a branch or leaf. You should begin to see the white inner-aura of the plant. Keep your focus on the white aura and try moving your perception around to the opposite side of the plant. You might try placing a small lamp behind the plant, to illuminate it's leaves and branches. Set the light behind the pot so you can not see the bulb, make sure the lamp does not hurt your eyes in anyway. This illumination can help trick your physical sight to focus on the slight reflection of the light. As you stare at the reflection, you may notice it grow wider and soon you'll realize that what you're looking at is a colorful aura.

Now remember this is a plant, it may not have the color variations that a human or animal might have. But you should be able to see if the plant is healthy or if it lacks nourishment or if it's beginning to develop other physical problems.

Animal Watching
This technique can be difficult, especially if your pet does not want to sit still. But it's a great exercise to practice your technic on an independent subject.

Choose a place around the head of the animal, and let your eyes go out of focus. Use the same techniques you might use on yourself in the Mirror exercise. Try moving your perception around the animals body and notice the change in color variations.

Partner Watching

Practicing with a friend is a great way to boost your confidence. Both of you perform the mirror exercise and write down your perceptions. Don't tell the other person what you think you see, just write it down. Now turn your chairs toward each other. Try to focus on your partner's aura and they on yours. Don't say anything, just look at their aura and write down your perceptions. When you've completed the exercise, compare notes. You may be surprised at much your perceptions match.

Quick Practice Ideas
The great thing about practicing aura reading is that you can do it anywhere. These are just a few suggestions you may want to try. Simply use the same techniques as previously discussed and open your inner eyes to all the energy around you.

* If you're attending a meeting or presentation at work, try focusing on the speaker. You may notice sudden changes of color in their inner aura. They may feel more comfortable speaking about a particular area of their presentation, but as they move into slightly unfamiliar territory, their aura will reflect the drop in confidence.
* Everyone likes to stand or sit at the beach and watch the waves roll into shore. Take a moment to watch the waves, focus on the outline of the top of the water, or the white foam of the wave as it curves over and crashed upon itself. The first time I tried this exercise, I was amazed at the electricity my inner vision perceived. It was truly a beautiful sight.
* Hold an object (a car key or a crystal) for 10 to 15 minutes. Visualize your energy imprinting itself onto the object. Sit the object on a table and focus on the energy residue you've left behind. The color you see should match the emotion you imprinted on the object.

The Aura
The Colors of Life

The Colors Of Life
Aura: au|ra -
A particular atmosphere or quality that seems to surround a person or thing.
From Webster's New World Dictionary (3rd College Edition)

‘Matter is energy, Energy is Light, We are all light beings.’
Albert Einstein.

What is an Aura
All living things (people, plants, animals, etc.) are made up of a complex combination of atoms, molecules and energy cells. As these ingredients coexist, they generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen around the physical body. This energy field has many characteristics, sound, color and shape. These characteristics are what we know as the 'aura'. Think of it this way, the energy field is the source. The characteristics of that source is the aura. We sense and feel the energy field, but we can see or hear that field through it's aura (or characteristics).

Auras are commonly associated with people. Sometimes we even use them to describe people, "He has an aura about him." or "Her aura just has a glow about it". But in fact all living things generate this field of energy. When associated to a person, the aura can provide insight into the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of the individual. The same can be said for animals and plants, as they too have emotions and a physical well-being. But let's first focus on the human aspects.

The knowledge and acceptance of auras has existed in various religions around the world for thousands of years. From Buddhist priest to Native American Shamans, many civilizations have practiced translating and incorporating the use and interpretations of these energy fields into their culture. Today there is a resurgence of these ancient beliefs. Due in part to the increased interest in 'New Age' or Metaphysical studies. But perhaps some influence has come from individuals turning toward more natural ways of living. Many people are looking for new and less intrusive ways to care for the health of their mind and body. People dissatisfied with the high cost of health care and over dependence on chemical drugs in traditional medicines, are also turning to various "Alternative" healing methods.

Since the early 1980’s there has emerged a variety of alternative health practices. Some are just new ways of thinking about traditional approaches, others go back to the country doctor and prescriptions from the old wives tales. But many go even farther, such as hands on holistic healing, aroma therapy, color therapy, and massage therapy. But one thing many of these “new” practioners have in common is an increased awareness of self and an understanding of how the mind/body/spirit connection determines good or bad health. For this and other reasons, many healers turn toward aura reading as a means of adding to their diagnosis of the whole person.

The Aura’s Recent History
Traditional sciences could not prove and therefore would not acknowledge that such energy fields existed. Thus the value of aura interpretation as a tool for diagnosis was often discounted. Over time the mere idea became preposterous and those who believed they could see an aura around a living object were often thought of as mentally ill or just a little weird.

Then in 1939, two Russians, Semyon and Valentina Kirlian accidentally discovered a camera that could capture the aura on film. In the late 1940’s, the Russians began serious research into the auric field and how it pertains to the physical body. But it wasn't until the 1970’s, that Kirlian photography began in the United States.

Kirlian photography uses a high voltage camera which provides a method for converting the non- electrical properties of an object into electrical properties. These converted electrical fields are then captured on film by means of high-voltage spark discharges. Kirlian photography became the first real scientific method of capturing the glow or energy field surrounding a living subject.

In it's infant stages, this method of measuring the aura could only capture a small portion of the energy field. Although, proving the aura existed, was in itself a big step in the right direction. But the medical sciences were not ready to use this 'newly' discovered energy as a tool or insight into their patients' health. And the search and study of auras continued.

Until recently, scientists were only interested in proving or disproving the existence of such fields. Even when Kirlian photography proved the aura does exist, many of today's scientists scoffed at the results. But for some open minded researchers the development of better photographic sensors to capture the depth and/or color(s) within the field became a high priority. Now work is being done by mainstream science to examine auras and to use their signatures to understand people, plants and animals.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Aura.
So how can the average person use this information to benefit their own lives? Well, first you don't need a fancy camera to see an aura. You don't need to study for years as a Buddhist priest or Native American Shaman. Auras can be seen by anyone who spends the time and effort to develop, practice, study, and understand this forgotten sense.

You can use a 'reading' on yourself to benefit your everyday life and health. You can generally discover an injury or illness before it manifests in the physical body. You can then use preventive solutions upon yourself or make an appointment with your doctor to advert the condition.

Aura interpretation can also be used to improve your interaction with others. By determining the current emotional state of someone, you may prevent a negative or stressful encounter. Finally, if you desire, you can learn to provide this service to others. Helping family and friends live in greater peace and harmony with themselves,with those they encounter and with nature as a whole.

The Anatomy of an Aura
To make accurate interpretations, you must first understand the inner workings of what an aura is. Simply put, an aura is made up of 3 sections of energy. Each section serves a specific purpose and relates to a particular component of a persons life. These sections of the aura are divided further into energy layers which appear in color. Within the context of the section, each layer of color displays a characteristic of the subject.

The size of an aura can vary depending on the subject, a human will have a larger auric field than the average house plant. A complete aura for a human can be between 6 to 25 feet or more all around the body.

The inner-most aura extends only a few inches from the subject. This first section is usually a thin white light that outlines the entire body. Because this section is closest to the body, some people believe the compact intensity of energy generates the white color of this layer. Still others believe this is the bodies protective shield, sort of a natural force field. Like any force field it can be drained or weakened in one area, or over charged in another, thereby creating slight color or shape distortions in the aura.

The mid-section generally begins 3-4 inches from the physical body and can extend outward several feet. These layers of color reflect recent emotions, personal characteristics or traits, as well as, the current well being or health of the subject.

The inner section of the aura is generally the easiest to perceive. The mid-section of the aura is a little harder to see within a short amount of time. The energy can be seen, however the perception of colors may take a little longer.

You can use these 2 inner sections of the aura in your every day life. Perceiving and interpreting the colors of these sections can help you deal with people at any given moment, increasing your ability to get along with others. Or by allowing you to avoid a negative or stressful situation that maybe out of your control.

If you see someone with a red lightening bolt dashing from their body, you can be fairly sure they're angry or anxious about someone or something. Perhaps now is not a good time to confront them with an issue. You can examine their aura later in the day and determine if they have calmed down from the earlier encounter.

Moving farther out, the third section reflects the more long lasting emotional and mental nature of the subject. The events of past lives and early memories from this lifetime are generally stored in this area. This outer section can be distinguished from the others by the lack of intensity in the color of each layer. They appear as more translucent colors and therefore are more difficult to see. Because this last section generally contains the 'hidden' history of a person, it should not be read or interpreted without permission of the individual. Just as you wouldn't prod someone into telling you secrets of their life or to discuss painful memories, the same courtesy should be extended to this outer fringe of their aura.

The inner and mid-sections of the aura provide generalities that most people would not considered as too personal. But if you feel uncomfortable with treading on someone's 'space', by all means ask their permission. They may find your interest exciting and ask you to explain this second sight further.

As you become proficient in your ability, these types of interpretations can be applied to your interaction with animals, plants or any situation that may arise. As long as you keep a positive intent to your 'readings', the right interpretations of these energy fields can increase your quality of life and help your interaction with others.

In addition to the inner workings of the aura around living beings, some people believe objects (non- living objects) also have an aura. There is some debate concerning the cause or origin of these energy fields. Some practitioners believe the molecular structure of these objects have an energy of their own and therefore the object, such as a table, has a real aura. Others believe, the object is simply being surrounded by an energy residue from a person, animal or plant that has recently come in contact with it, such as a dog sitting in a chair. Still others believe the only non-living objects that may have an aura are electrical appliances, such as a lamp or computer. What a practitioner sees in those cases is the energy field of electricity that travels through the appliance and not the appliance itself.

The Aura
Color Interpretations
The Meaning Of Color In Life

Life is full of color and like so many other things on your path, color also has meaning. They are representations of messages from your higher self, God, dreams, whatever the label. But you don't have to be a Metaphysician to understand the importance of color in your life. It exists in every day experiences.

Many people associate the color white with God, pink with love and purple with royalty or spirituality. But it's important to remember that color definition tables are influenced by culture and tradition. There IS NO one set definition for color. There are many! The following is a brief outline of primary colors and their common interpretation, but remember to use this information only as a guide. This system is used in my tradition and is based on Tibetan understandings and practices of the spiritual chakra system.

Colors generally have two meanings depending on the appearance (vibrant v. dull) and state (consistent v. spiked). Colors such as black and brown can denote the same emotion regardless of appearance.

Black :
Indicates hatred, negativity, depression and miserly. When this appears in an aura, it is usually localized or appears as wisps floating through the aura.
Red :
Can indicate fear or anger.
Vibrant Red: When seen in a clear, vibrant and constant state, it represents fear or strong anxiety.
Dull Red: Generally represents anger. The deeper the red, the stronger the emotion.
A Consistent Red: A consistent dark red indicates a violent nature, a selfish and deceitful attitude.
A Red Spike: A spike of red, either vibrant or dull in appearance, indicates the same meanings as above. However instead of representing the consistent nature of the subject, the spike indicates the sudden emotion in the current conversation or situation the subject is engaged in at that moment.
Yellow :
Success, creativeness, jealousy, selfishness.
It has been my experience that a person with a thin line (1-4 inches) of yellow takes on the characteristics of this color in either their personal or professional life, but not both. A yellow aura wider then 5 inches, indicates characteristics in both aspects of the subjects life.
Vibrant Yellow: Clear yellow denotes intelligence, wisdom, and success.
Dull Yellow: A dull yellow indicates jealousy, a selfishness and negative outlook.
Green :
Light Green shades, indicate the onset or potential for injury and the subject should be cautious for the next few weeks.
Darker Green shades, generally indicate the injury has already occurred and is in the process of healing.
Blue :
Spiritually searching. A dissatisfaction or a feeling that there's something more.
Vibrant Blue: Pride, adoration, dedication.
A subject with any shade of the lighter blues is generally beginning their spiritual quest. (This does not mean a metaphysical quest, but rather a journey that will fill the 'missing' pieces of their current existence. This can just as easily be accomplished through any fundamental religion).
Darker blues typically indicate the subject has found their spiritual path and is continuing their education in the chosen realm.
Dull Blue: Taking life for granted, being too content, can appear to be selfish, narrow minded, arrogance, or self-righteous. There are many traits which accompany religious zeal, such as self-righteousness, dedication, pride, adoration and worship. These wide variations are usually indicated by some shade of blue.
Heightened spiritual awareness, self-esteem, and high ideals.
Light Purple: People with lighter shades of purple are refining or polishing their spiritual nature. They are actively working on the balance of each aspect of their lives (personal, spiritual, professional), their attitudes and acceptance of others, and their existence with other life.
Mid-Dark: Teachers of their chosen spiritual path. They maybe working on a few issues of balancing, but for the most part, they are patient, kind, and willing to go out of their way for people.
White :
Indicates purity and/or protection. When detected in the outer layers of the aura, can indicate an area of the body which has been over energized, or is over active.

The following are not primary colors, but each is associated with very strong and consistent emotions. Unlike other combination colors, these have meanings of their own and can stand on their own merits.

Pink :
Affection, love, enjoyment, pity, guilt.
Vibrant Pink: Indicates love, affection and a resilient temperament.
Dull Pink: Denotes 'care with caution', pity or guilt.
Confidence, ambition, pride.
Vibrant Orange: Indicates ambition, pride, self-sufficiency.
Dull Orange: A lack of warmth, but a strong desire for success and popularity.
Brown :
Selfishness, deception, confusion or discouragement.
Light Brown: Indicates confusion or discouragement. The lack of confidence in ones self, the present situation or in the subject being addressed.
Dark Brown: Indicates selfishness, fault finding, and a tendency toward deceptio

We are more and more becoming aware of what our thought patters do to us and our bodies.

Lack of Exercise, drugs, alcohol, smoking, poor diet, lack of fresh air, no exercise, stress, depression and negative thought pattern. Sadly we all become the product from out past, be it childhood, things that happen while teenagers, and how we go through life, and old habits die hard, for example, as a child we may have had a bad diet, and throughout our life we eat the same foods, can you imagine the damage we have done not only to our body but also the energy field? When the aura weakens, other than picking up on others negativity and in time becoming ill, the other side of the coin, is ‘allowing’ attachments, this can be negative energy, someone directing negative thought at you, known as psychic attack, spirit attachment and dark energies-entities. I myself have allowed over the years to have a damaged aura, where I had attachments, and I did end up ill, tired and weak. Only by realizing what was happening, and changing my thoughts and surrounding myself with protection that I understand the above. Protection is very important, and having also learned the hard way, when I get out of practice or forget, I can and do go down, tired, and have been know to have energy try to attach itself to me.

With practice, we can all train our eye to see the aura.

Learning to see the aura is no hard skill, but more practice, practice, practice, we all have the ability to see, we only need to train our eye, the hardest is to learn and know how to interpret the meanings of colour. There are two ways of seeing the aura, intuitively and objectively. It is finding out what is the best that works with or for you. If you work intuitively you will see with your minds eye, rather than with using your physical eyes. Its all about learning to relax and ‘see’. Learn about the meaning of colours in the aura, but in time you will also find by using your own ‘feelings’ that will give a far better reading.

Head. This is about our thoughts, beliefs-experiences, will show above our head, in the here and now.. it reflects your thoughts or what you are thinking/think or your beliefs or what you perceive to believe in the here and now, basically your state of mind.

Our right side colour/s is about our male - Yan-expression, it tells us about what energy is being expressed.. How often do you just know if a person is nice? This comes from our aura where we are projecting our qualities, which will be seen or sensed by others, it is what we are putting out to the world, we may even put out energy that is different to what we are because of our circumstances, but saying that, there are times when we do try and put on a brave face, yet we still sense something is ‘wrong’ with someone.

It is a good idea to help keep your aura looked after, and only you alone can take care of your aura, other than changes that you may need to make, it is good to make time for regular cleansing.

Smudge Sticks
I use smudge sticks, and have found them to be very good for this, I recommend white sage, but with anything, it is what your energy feels good with, so you may prefer a different kind of smudge stick. You light the stick, blow out, once the out, you will just have smoke coming of the smudge sticks, with a feather, hands or by waving the sticks, go around your aura/body.

These are very good, sounds is a good energizer as well as aura cleanser, I have used small finger symbols like those that are used for belly dancers.

White Light.
Imaging the purest white light entering your aura and your chakra’s allow this white light energy to feel every part of your being.

Golden Light
Go out on the grass, use a blanket if damp, if you do not have a garden, find a place in doors where you feel comfortable, breathe in really deeply 7 times and see white light filling you up, fill right up with it then imagine you’re full of golden light, push the golden light out of you and imagine that with it is going all darkness and negativity.

Colours tell us many different things, from vibrant health looking aura’s to dark or unbalanced aura’s which may be showing tiredness, stressed, feeling down or very emotional.

Below is a rough guide to colour in our Aura, all colours contain negative and positive elements. The aura can also have browns, grey different shades of each colour, as well as tears and holes

Energetic, strong leader, winner, will power, sexual energy, sexual energy/sensual, grounded, negative, angry. These are just some ideas of the reds, as within red, there are many shades of red and it is by understand what each shade means that will give more indication of what is going on in your life.

Creative, positive, intelligent, artistic, strength, positivity, depression, off sorts, tension, depending on the shades.

Analytical, intellectual, sunny character, strong personality, perfectionist, logical, bossiness, a desire to control and egoism.

Harmony, teacher, social, nature, center-balanced and grounded, high expectations, inflexibility

Caring, sensitive, loving, inner peace, faith, deep feelings, a need for peace, divine communication, artistic, trustworthy, a want to help others, support others, calm, deep inner feelings, laziness, lack of ambition, fear, anxiety.

Visionary, non-conformist, idealistic, intuition, spiritual transformation, can sometimes loose track and be to open to spiritual matters rather than having the balance between spiritual and material, fantasy.

Transforming, healing, quite, sensitive, strong spiritual connection, high energy levels and enlightenment, stress and pain

What is Aura Photography.

Aura Photography is where a camera and Bio Feedback allow you to see the human energy field. Within our aura there are many colours which show us how we are feeling, what is going on around us, what is coming into affect of the here and now. Within the colour spectrum there are many shades for example if one has red in their aura, that can signify a lot of energy or anger and depression or feeling depressed.

How The Sensor/Aura Photography Works

In terms of age, aura photography is still in its infancy. It was in the late 1930’s that Semyon D. Karlian that Karlian photography was developed, name after S.D. Karlian, which was able to record subtle energy files of entire body aura’s. It was in the 1940’s that the first experiments regarding the energy body were undertaken.

The techniques of recording the energy field are not the same as an aura photograph, but from research to the present we now have the aura camera’s that we see at Holistic Exhibitions.

Aura photography is not just a photography via a camera that takes our pictures of the energy field, at the moment it is impossible to take a aura picture of the aura directly. To get the information that we need, we use a bio feedback system, which is a small box with sensors on the outside, some having sensors on the side.

In our hands we have the meridians, acupuncture and accupressure points which reflect an overall view of our energetic information relating to our whole body, this is done by placing our hands gently over the sensors, the sensor then translates this information into colour which sends either to camera or computer, depending on what system you are using.

Do You Want To See Your Aura?

Not only by having a aura photograph, with the Aura Video System, you can see an overall picture and feed back of your chakra’s and energy, the size of your aura, your balance of yin and yang

By having an Aura photograph, you can see what changes you can make in your life, do you want to change, are you happy with how things are. No one but you alone, can make those changes, and the want has to come from within, your choice and yours alone.

The biofeedback system I use has been based on the scientfic research and principles by experts - Dr Valeria Hunt and Thelma Moss research at UCLA Los Angeles in 1970’s Dr. Schwartz book and research Biofeedback General biofeedback research.

Researchers and Scientists that participated in the development of The Aura Video Station.

Dr Richard Johnson PH.d Jerry Burton ohanees R Fisslinger author of aura mastery, aura imaging and photography Various healing practitioners and clairvoyants that confirmed the accuracy of the video station

Scientific Background Data

The key of the video station is the correlation between the measured biofeedback date with specific emotional and energetic states of a client. Biofeedback is the science of measuring and displaying unconscious psycho-physiological parameters. The goal is to bring these parameters into awareness, so that the client has the ability to notice and change them. The video system is based on these principles.

When having a complete report, what you see is what you get, and the information represents you, the information is displayed in easy to understand in a visual way, while proving insightful and in-depth information.

The biofeedback measure’s data like electro-dermal activity and temperature from several points of the fingers and thumb. The technology goes beyond conventional science in that the sensor correlates the measured biofeedback date to the client’s aura and chakras. Once we display colours as a representation of each clients aura or energy field, we are opening into another dimension. The correlation of the biofeedback date with specific aura chakra states has been achieved by working with health practitioners, sensitives who have emprically verified the personality profiles and our emotional-mental patters with the measured date

The Video station does not diagnose any physical, emotional or mental problems or diseases. The video station’s main aim to make people aware of our energy, and how we by looking at our energy, change our thought patterns to help give us a better quality of life.. after all energy follows thought. Always consult your physician with any concerns with your health.

The 2 charts below is what you see on the screen and is in real time, by asking a client to relax and go into semi meditative state, you can change your colours, your energy and all will be revealed to you on the computer screen. You can also see how the colours/chakras and your energy have changed before and after a reiki treatment.

The charts also show your yin yan balance - male - female energies and what complimentary colour we should use around us. as well as the mind, body and spirit shown in a graph, where our energies are.
What is the Aura Video Station?

The Aura Video Station is an interactive multimedia biofeedback Aura Imaging Computer System built on the principles and studies of biofeedback, colour psychology, human energy field and mind-body knowledge.

The aura video station uses the hand biosensor to measure the biofeedback data, - the Electro Dermal Activity and Electrical Conductivity of the skin of the hand and its temperature in real time. This biofeedback data is analyzed, processed and correlated to specific emotional energetic states and is displayed as the energetic activity or aura image of the individual on the computer screen Aura Chakra Viewer

The Aura Chakra Viewer shows your aura on a PC monitor. You can see silhouette showing your aura and main chakras in colour. The image will show different sizes chakra’s, shape, balance depending what is going on in your life at the moment. The program takes into account your emotional-energetic state, your personality type, your life-energy level.

What is the Aura Video Station?

The Aura Video Station is an interactive multimedia biofeedback Aura Imaging Computer System built on the principles and studies of biofeedback, colour psychology, human energy field and mind-body knowledge.

The aura video station uses the hand biosensor to measure the biofeedback data, - the Electro Dermal Activity and Electrical Conductivity of the skin of the hand and its temperature in real time. This biofeedback data is analyzed, processed and correlated to specific emotional energetic states and is displayed as the energetic activity or aura image of the individual on the computer screen Aura Chakra Viewer

The Aura Chakra Viewer shows your aura on a PC monitor. You can see silhouette showing your aura and main chakras in colour. The image will show different sizes chakra’s, shape, balance depending what is going on in your life at the moment. The program takes into account your emotional-energetic state, your personality type, your life-energy level.


I hope this bit isnt in all that above,such a long read but very detailed...
To "feel" the aura heres a way of developing this knack...
Rub your hands together fast lots of times to cause friction and warmth between the hands. Then slowly pull apart the hands and try and be aware of a pulling sensation between them. Once you become aware of this sensation you can move your hands apart and close and sort of feel the aura stretching like a rubber band.
Next step is to then place your hands above a willing person or  pet and you should feel the same pulling sensation of their aura.
Once you get this off to a tea you can then move your hands above  willling person and you might feel dips or bumps where the chakras are located. Sometimes you get to feel heat and cold spots too. Cold is generally poorly low energy bits. Hot is high energy and also can be poorly.
If you find the same place is "wrong" a few days later then its a good idea to get a check from the doctors if the person is unwell.
When we have operations the auric field is cut open aswell as our bodies and once the body heals up the area is still leaking energy from us. Its a good idea to put a "mental plaster" on this area thats been operated on to help heal the auric field too. This enables a faster recovery as we wont be leaking vital energy. Forum Index -> Divination /astral / trance/ astrology
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