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UK - haunted places

Berkshire - Prospect Park - There have been sightings of the headless horseman and also a young woman pushing a pram. She walks behind/through a tree and disappears.

Birkenhead Wirral - Rocky's Nightclub - Many sightings over the last 17 years, many staff have left their jobs because of the ghost in this place. From the day it was renovated when first bought, till now. The sightings are of a man in his late 20's. The man is a shadow of a boxer and the story is that he died on the premises celebrating his debut fight when it used to be a private boxers club. He is now known as knocker, the reason for this is because he tends to knock the staff and object such as doors, glasses and bar tools about. Former owners even had an exorcist in the premises to try to make the entity leave.

Cardiff - Ely - you walk down this gully that everyone calls dead mans gully and if your there at about ten o'clock in the night you can see the man who died actually die lots of people in Ely have actually seen him kill him self

Chesterfield - Chesterfield Pommegranite Theater - Objects moving with no-one responsible for them. Possibly an old lady responsible for objects moving. Sightings of the old lady. Grey hair, styled like Queen Elizabeth II, wearing a grey dress and morning for her husband. Also a sighting of George Stevenson. Walking proudly over the stage and sighted sitting on a workers chair.

Cleveland - Middlesbrough - The Tree Bridge Hotel - Reports of feelings of being watched and sightings of the gray lady wandering through the halls.

Devon - Powderham Castle - at around 12 midnight if you stand outside the church yard gates there is a blue grey mist that appears and if you look closely you will see a 4-5ft high figure that walks from the tree outside the gate, across the road and into another tree. if you listen very closely just before this happens you can hear chimes come across from the water. Just before midnight that is but you must be very quite and very still.

England - Alderminster - Ettington park - The gray lady is one of the few ghosts to be photographed. Many people have also reported to the reception, the screams of young children down by the river, the same location where a child drowned in the 18th century.

England - Aldenham – Hertfordshire - Edge Grove Preparatory School - This boys boarding school is haunted by a mysterious gray lady, who has been sighted in various rooms and corridors of the old part of the building. The old part of the building was originally a country home, and it is believed that the gray lady is the spirit of a former resident who fell down the main stairs and broke her neck.

England - Almondsbury near Bristol - Over Court - The White Lady of Over Court has been witnessed in the grounds and adjacent lane of Over Court for many years. She is the apparent victim of a sword or gunshot wound delivered by her husband upon discovery of a love affair with another man in the house. She is said to have dragged herself to the pond on the estate where she collapsed and died of her wounds.

England - Alton - St. Lawrence’s church - Where phantom's still fight a civil war battle.

England - Arlesey - Fairfield Hospital - the ghosts of the dead patients that haunt this old abandoned hospital, they are said to smash windows and make extremely loud shrieking noises, there is also a number of ghosts that had mental illnesses, they also are mischiefs among the others.

England – Avebury - The Red Lion Pub - The pub is said to be haunted by a young woman called Florrie. Legend has it that, her husband found out that she was guilty of adultery. She was thrown down the well that used to be inside the pub. Florrie now haunts the pub in search of revenge. People have said that they have felt fingers going through their hair and they have heard noises.

England - Barnsley - Barnsley District General Hospital Delaney Hall On the site where the hospital stands now, the old St. Helens maternity hospital used to stand, and previous to that it was the workhouse/poorhouse. There have been reports of many ghostly experiences around the hospital. On the infectious diseases ward - which used to be the children’s ward, staff claim that when they have worked nights they can hear children crying, the current children’s ward is no where near that ward, so it can't be those children that they hear. One of the gynecology wards which is now offices, is haunted by a young girl called Sally, she could not be resuscitated and staff say that she presses the stomach of anyone who enters the side room where she died. The ward itself has a very eerie feel to it, and shadows have been seen moving around at night, as well as unexplained noises. Another ward that is now offices is haunted by an old lady with gray hair who rocks in a rocking chair, she is said to be friendly though.

England - Bedford - Abbey Middle School - In The girls restroom doors will close u will hear music and voices.

England - Bedfordshire - Luton town centre - Cork and Bull pub - A white vision has been seen in this pub. She has been known to move things around, shake tables and even throw bar stools across the room. It has been said that she moves along the road from pub to shop and has been seen on the same street each day in a different location. People have actually sat and spoken to her and she has responded by either touching them or throwing things across the room, there is a story told of an old woman who lived there years before going by the name of Ann she was murdered somewhere in the pub and her soul never rested, she is now trapped there.

England - Bexley - Kent - Hall Place - 700 years ago Hall Place was the residence of one Sir Thomas Atte-Hall. He was killed by a stag in the courtyard, which naturally, upset his beloved wife, Lady Constance, that she flung herself off the tower. It is her ghost that still walks, and has indeed has been seen within the past six months by a schoolteacher on a school outing. There are also good reports of the specter of the Black Prince being seen around the place from time to time, believed to be connected with the pathetic wraith f a maidservant glimpsed running through the building from time to time. The buildings are currently in the hands of Bexley Council and are open to the public at any reasonable time.

England - Bedfordshire - RAF Chicksands/The Priory- The Priory used to house both monks and nuns. Legend states that a forbidden love affair between a monk and a nun was discovered by the powers that be. People have reported seeing a ghostly female figure wandering the halls of the Priory and its grounds. There is also a tunnel that leads from the Priory to the local town that has also been sealed. It has been confidentially stated that the tunnel was sealed due to violent attacks by an unknown entity on visitors.

England - Bedfordshire - Woburn Abbey - Various ghosts have been attributed to Woburn. The most frequently described is a man in a top hat who has been seen walking through a wall in the antique market. Also spotted has been a monk in a brown habit and the ghost of a manservant in the Masquerade room. Various doors open and close of their own accord and people have reported being touched by unseen hands.

England - Berkshire - Littlecote House - William Darrell, one time lord of the house, haunts this grandiose manor. Legend has it that he murdered a new born child - his own by a mistress - and this room is also haunted. A pathetic looking woman carrying a baby in her arms has been seen and there have been many reports of a baby crying. Other female ghosts have been seen wandering the Long Gallery, as well as in the Chinese Bedroom and the gardens

England - Billinge - The Stork Hotel - There is a crypt of an older building beneath the Hotel, a Cavalier was said to have been tortured to death and his ghost haunts the whole building. Also the Hotel is haunted by a highwayman who was a regular visitor to the Hotel his name was John Lyon. And his ghost has been seen galloping on his horse through the Village, as well as being heard.

England - Birmingham - Boggy Woods - More then once a tall black figure has been seen standing on a bridge of a small lake then suddenly it will disappear and when it does leaves blow without any wind.

England - Birmingham - Brightstone Road - screaming noises can be heard around 3:00 a.m. Some people have believed they have seen a pale white boy crying they thought the boy was around 15 to 18. It is thought to be a ghosts of a young Boy called peter who on the 19-06-1989 mysteriously went missing and was never found.

England - Birmingham - Dudley Castle - Dudley Catsle is home to many ghosts although these are the ones that are sighted the most. 1 - The Grey Lady. Thought to be the ghost of Dorothy Beaumont who died of natural causes, maybe in childbirth. She is said to walk the castle steps because her husband was not at her funeral. 2 - The Medieval Lady. During a medieval evening in 1983 at the castle there was a fancy dress competition.In the crowd the judges spotted an elderly lady wearing a sackcloth shift, grey shawl, and sackcloth wrapped around her feet. She looked so authentic that she was awarded first prize. But she had disappeared. 3 - The Black Monk. From time to time a monk in black habit appears. He has been sighted three times by staff and is seen frequently by visitors. 4 - Lady Jane. She was a resident of the castle but was beheaded. She now walks the castle grounds and frequently makes herself known to staff and visitors. On holloween 2002, a live paranormal investigation took place at the castle. This was done by the Most Haunted team from Living TV. It was the first experiment of its kind and was broadcast live all over the UK. During the experiment the shows resident medium, Derek Acorah, made contact with all of the spirits mentioned above and many more. The Medieval lady proved to be quite a character, and said she was very proud that she won that competition. She made herself known by tapping and moving things. Many mysteries were finally uncovered during this very interesting investigation. The team have done 2 more live investigations since then, one at Dover castle on Christmas eve 2002, and the other at the midland grand hotel in London on April 1st 2003. They have also done investigations at many of the places on this list.

England - Birmingham - Fountain close - people have seen a large family consisting of 2 boys ages: 9 and 12, a young girl about 7, a woman in her early 30's and a man in his late 30's. A mother died in childbirth and the other people died mysteriously after.

England - Birmingham - Kangs discount store - many people have believed to see a lollypop walking out of the shop on it's own.

England - Birmingham - Sherburne road - an old man with a top hat and old fashioned clothes picking up papers at around 3 am in the morning.

England - Bognor Regis West Sussex - North Bersted - Some houses in Gravits lane have been said to be haunted by a little girl. She was apparently murdered and hidden in the walls in one of the houses, by her step dad. In some of the houses the windows have been nailed shut, and are still like this to this day. People have reported seeing a small white girl running from room to room away from her step dad. Also strange scrapings can be heard coming from the walls and ceilings.

England - Bracknell - South hill Park - There are many ghosts here. There are children screaming from when they died in a fire. There is a landing which has been raised a foot, and a lady ghosts feet now goes into the floor because she walks on the original landing.

England - Brighton - The Volks Tavern - Reports of an apparition of a dancing blonde woman.

England - Bristol - graveyard in Arnos Court - A young lady in all black walks around crying over dead husband she lost in 1st world war. She sits and speaks to people she says need guidance. Another woman walks around screaming. She will not let anyone near her. Believed to be the daughter of a family had buried her. She never woke-up from a coma. Upon exhuming the body, she had woken from the coma to find herself buried and died of shock.

England - Bristol - The Odeon Cinema - A seat in the third row from the front of screen 3, is frequently occupied by a dark apparition. Staff and customers have heard footsteps and felt a cold chill in that screen and in the adjacent corridors. Two workmen were crushed at the site on which it is now built in the 1920s, when demolition works on the previous buildings were in progress. In the 1940s the cinema manager was shot dead in a gang dispute, in the haunted room.

England - Bristol - University of Bristol - There is a headless horseman patrolling along the Tyndall Avenue at night on his black horse. Many students reported sightings when they were leaving the Art and Social Science Library at night.

England - Cadishead Manchester - Great Woolden Hall - A 600 Year old hall that is haunted by the ghost of captain blood a cavalier from the English civil war.

England - Cambridgeshire - Ferryboat Inn - A unique feature of this tavern is a grave actually in the floor of the bar. It belongs to a girl called Julie, the daughter of the innkeeper. Jilted by her secret lover, she drowned herself and her ghost is reported to appear in the bar on her birthday every March 17th.

England - Chester - Chester Walls - A Roman soldier is seen wandering with a general along Northgate Street walls. has been seen by many people.

England - Chester - Thorntons Chocolate Shop - It is believed that someone died in the flat above this shop many years ago. A presence can be now felt and people have been reportedly 'pushed' down the stairs like their not welcome. Lights go on and off of their own accord and the shops alarm system has often been set off for no apparent reason.

England - Chesterfield - Bolsover Castle - a lady in a white dress roams the grounds and the castle many locals know of ghost.

England - Chesterfield - North Wingfield Church - Apparitions carrying young children are seen during the winter months.

England - Chislehurst – Kent - Chislehurst caves - Chislehurst Caves are a labyrinth of dark, eerie mysterious passageways which have been hewn by hand from the chalk, deep beneath Chislehurst. There are over 20 miles of caverns and passageways, dug over a period of 8000 years. The vast complex of caves are a maze of ancient mines originally carved out in the search for flint and chalk. They are divided into three main sections, Saxon, Druid and Roman. Each section was later connected by digging joining passages. There is a haunted pond deep within the caves, the legend goes that a white lady appears and floats across the water. For many years there was a reward for anyone who could spend the night alone down in the caves, to date there have been some unsuccessful attempts, but so far nobody has been able to do it.. There is also an ancient Druid altar where sacrifices were carried out in the Druid section of the caverns.

England - Colchester - The Lion - There are a few ghosts there that wander around, people have recorded banging and footsteps.

England - Collingbourne - Ducis Hall - There is a ghost who plays a piano its favorite song is Mary had a little lamb. We were in the hall and we heard music we went to the piano and the lid was down we went back to the main area and then heard it again we went back and the lid was open one of us ran and shut the door the others followed

England - Coventry - Coundon Court school - Old house, belonging to George singer who died in 1900 and his maid who died after falling from the top floor of the old house. Still live there whilst children work. Blood stain of where the maid died still lays there on the ground floor.

England - Derby - Assembly Rooms - The assembly rooms used to be a big house where a big family lived once some years ago. The house burnt down it was then rebuilt and opened by the queen as now called the assembly rooms. There was a huge fireplace which must of been solid cause it was the only thing in the house that didn’t burn and is still there now. Cold spots felt. A few people say that they have seen the lady in a long red dress which we think could of been a member of the family some years ago when the assembly rooms was once a house.

England - Derby - City Centre - Reports of apparitions of children in ragged clothes

England - Derby - The Ostrich Pub - When the pub was first opened in the middle ages the Innkeeper Jarmen was not a nice man. He had designed a machine that would tilt the rich nobles when they were in their beds and they would fall through a trapdoor into a pot of boiling oil. The spirits of the rich nobles are still present and the most haunted room is the pantry, which is supposedly full of spirits and not just the alcholic kind. This was where Jarmen dumped the bodies before stealing their money. Strange presences are felt in the master bedroom and the pantry.

England - Derby - Seymour`s Wine Bar - Seymour`s Wine Bar is situated next to St Werburgh’s Church. It is known to have a old Lady Dressed in Grey who is said to frequently visit the upper regions of the property. There are many stories of the figure of the Grey Lady who has said to have a strong smell of lavender when present. The Lady`s Toilets are upstairs but the Men’s are downstairs so a lot of the stories from the public are those of Ladies. Stories include Cutlery been moved or disappearing then reappearing. Though all the stories are strange Staff say they never feel threatened by the presence felt. Also the Church is also said to have ghostly figures.

England - Derby - Winnats Pass - the story is that a couple wanted to marry the parents were against this happening. The young couple decided to elope and marry. This was in the 18th century so they had to go along Winnats Pass a dark steep road on foot it was the only route. It was dangerous as it was just the 2 of them well 3 lead-miners jumped on them they robbed them both and killed them. The bodies weren’t found until years later. The miners were never caught for it but the story has it you can hear their cries and sometimes see them along that route.

England - Devizes - The main road to Devizes - A highwayman on horseback wearing a tricorne hat. A truck driver I know drove straight through the apparition. He said it just it seemed to go up and over the windscreen.

England - Doncaster - Conisborough Castle - This 12th Century castle is home to two ghosts. Both a 'grey monk' and a lady dressed in white flowing robes have been seen. Residents of this quaint village have suggested that local fine ales may be partly responsible for witnesses seeing these apparitions. A great number of people however believe this castle is haunted.

England - Devon - Berry Pomeroy Castle - Many people have reported several different Ghosts in the ruined castle, but the most atmospheric area is the dungeons where people are believed to have been tortured, there is a definite air of evil around the whole place.

England - Dorset – Beaminster - St. Mary's Church - The figure of a young boy who was axed to death by a murderer who was never caught has been seen sitting outside the church crying.

England - Dorset - Bettiscombe Manor - A human skull is kept in a back room of the manor. On the few occasions that it has been removed from the residence, the whole house has been said to be filled with a terrible screaming that will not cease until it is returned. The skull has also been said to perspire blood when an outbreak of war is near.

England - Dorset - Blandford - Badbury Rings - Badbury Rings is an ancient hill fort surrounded by earthen ditches and ramparts. It is arranged in concentric circles, and from the air looks as if a stone has been dropped into a pond. Surrounding the Rings are barrows (old burial mounds), some dating back to 700BC. When the Romans invaded the UK, they attacked the Rings in 44AD, and made their camp on the summit. Four of their most important roads crossed here. There are several ghosts here: 1} An ancient scar-faced warrior on horse back who chases people. - Last reported in late 80's
2} A disfigured dwarf-like creature that leers into cars parked in the field at the entrance to the Rings. (well known 'make-out' spot) - Seen in 1999
3} A woman in a black dress. - Reported in late 70's
4} A large black hound that dashes in front of cars. - Last reported in 1998
5} Ghostly soldiers fighting. - Last known sighting of battle – 1994

England - Dover - The Roman Lighthouse - This lighthouse is the oldest one in England. According to the locals, from time to time they see the ghost of a Roman soldier. There is also a monk wearing a black robe.

England - Dover - Dover Castle - Chilly under tunnels of the old torture chambers.... A world war 2 hospitals, which has senses of hands and sounds of screams.

England - Durham - Raby Castle - Raby castle houses three ghosts. Charles Neville, 6th Earl of Westmorland, has been seen floating upstairs to the Barons Hall where he sat at the head of a huge table and planned the rising of the Northern Earls in 1569. The library is haunted by Henry Vane, who was executed by the Stuarts, his torso often appearing at a desk. The third ghost is a fearsome old lady who stalks the castle each night with wild glowing eyes and knitting with white hot needles.

England - Eaglescliffe - Preston Park & Museum - A small dog has been seen and heard in the grounds of Preston Park, near to the bandstand. This creature clearly emerged through a solid stone wall and could not have come from any other direction. This same dog has also been seen inside the 'dungeons' of the museum itself. On a higher floor of the museum a Victorian styled lady has been seen wearing a wedding dress and walking up the corridors, long after the museum was locked up. Also, guards have heard the clacking of high heals during the night and members of the public have telephoned the museum to report sightings of a woman at the museum window, suggesting that somebody had been locked in after closing. When, however, members of staff hurried to investigate further, there was no trace of anybody around the entire museum.

England - Essex - Borley - Borley Rectory - Described as 'Most Haunted House in Britain' old rectory built up on destroyed monastery. Very creepy small village rectory now burned down, but many hauntings still recorded. Story about a nun and a monk eloping and getting caught by the monastery and attempted to escape on a horse and carriage along what is now known as nuns walk. They were both captured and the monk was beheaded and nun was built into the wall of the rectory. When the rectory burned down in 1939 her remains were found and buried. Many people have reported seeing and hearing the nun and the monk on the carriage on nuns walk. There has been several pictures and sound recording taken in the village of very strange appearances and noises. Very eerie place to visit a must for ghost hunters everywhere!

England - Essex - Borley - Borley Rectory - Blue room - A mysterious room in Borley Rectory where many murders were said to have taken place, one of those mysteries is of a girl. She ran screaming through the rectory, then she came to the window a push from behind and she went down, smashing the glass veranda on her way, instant death. Years later a séance was held in the rectory, the sprits were aggravated and threatened to burn the rectory. Days later the rectory burst in to flames. A girl was seen at the window by the fire fighters, they went in to try and save her, no bodies were found. only one thing was heard; the screaming girl.

England - Essex - Canewdon - The village of Canewdon is reputed to be haunted by witches and their familiars (the reputation of Canewdon's witches is worldwide and draws so many occultists to the village every Halloween that the police frequently erect roadblocks, preventing all but the villagers from entering). The grounds of the 12th century Church of St. Nicholas, which stands upon a hill overlooking the village, are said to be haunted by a 'gray lady', who wanders the graveyard on moonless nights. The apparition of a young girl (possibly the same 'lady') has been seen waiting at the end of the vicarage driveway, beside the graveyard entrance.

England - Essex - Upminster Golf Club - Golfers and employees have reported seeing a young girl, about 12 years of age, dressed in white on the first floor hallway. Golfers and employees of the club house have also reported on many occasions the feeling of someone brushing past them but nothing there. It is well known in Upminster that the club house has an extra "Guest"! It is thought that the ghost is of a girl from Upminster or thereabouts in Havering who was kidnapped and taken to the house years before and it is in the house that she was eventually murdered.

England - Fair Oak - There have been numerous sightings of a shadowed figure without an explanation as to what it is. Ornaments and flower arrangements have also been moved.

England - Falkirk - White Cross - Haining Castle - Reports of seeing ghost and have felt psychic energies trying to connect with them and one visitors dog stopped at the stairs and growled frightened of a supernatural being and 2 schoolchildren imagined a newspaper headline say "Schoolchildren found dead in Castle" while they were in the castle.

England - Felixstowe - Previously American Military Housing - doors open when they have been bolted shut. Cabinet doors and drawers open soon after closing them. Items facing the wrong way or moved. Cars have started with no one inside. Flexistowe Experience

England - Fleetwood - Fleetwood high school - the is the ghost of a legendary head teacher and is said to haunt the grounds of the school.

England - Greater Manchester - Great Woolden Hall - A Shadowy cavalier, thought to be the ghost of Hamlet De Holcroft murdered there in a dispute other ownership, many history books say by the infamous Colonel Blood, (his real name), who married one of the daughters of a powerful local family the De Culcheths. The house's cellars give out bilious gases and strange senses of both heat and cold. The ghosts of a group of wild bulls are often seen on the riverbanks or heard to be lowing noisily. Objects have been seen to move and the sent of lavender fill rooms. Many other unspecific sights have also been seen or felt by many.

England - Grimsby - Yarborough hotel - This is a pub in Grimsby which used to be a hotel the staff have heard and seen small children a numerous amount of times in the actual hotel and cellar.

England - Guisborough - The Prigry - The Priory was a church before it was burnt down by accident by a plumber and his two assistants on the 16th of May 1289. The Priory is said to be haunted by a black monk that wonders the Priory grounds at night.

England - Hampshire - Beaulie abbey - The church in the abbey is said to be haunted by a priest and 2 monks. There is also a lady who is said to be seen in the kitchen with 2 dogs.

England - Hampshire - Liphook - Bohunt School - every thursday in c-10 (name of room) there is a ghostly presence and a scream at about 3:40pm the legend goes that a teacher murdered his pupil and buried her in the floorboards.

England - Hampshire - Portchester Castle - A White Lady, thought to be Charlotte White, is said to prowl the Battlements before throwing herself from The Keep. A Roman Centurion has been witnessed guarding the outer castle gates. To this day the St. Mary’s graveyard, within the castle grounds, attracts occult activity including animal sacrifice.

England - Hampshire - Southampton/Hamle - Hamble School - Some se a ghost of a teacher that taught in HAMBLE COMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE about 200 years ago when it was just a few class rooms, He walks around mostly in the boy's toilet in the "Hunmanities block" where he has been said to have died.

England - Hampton court - The ghost of one of Henry the VIII's wives haunts the haunted gallery. The ghost gets mad when any one comes in to her spot. Reports of screaming, the lights turning off and an apparition.

England - Hansacre - Lichfield Road - Reports of children’s toys going off by themselves, and the children reporting the ghost of a soldier walking through halls.

England - Harrogate - Ashville College - This school is inhabited by many very old teachers. Some of these are classed as ghosts! One of these is a Mr. Horsley who is classed as ghost who is known for mass murder.

England - Hastings - East Sussex - Hastings Castle - Within the walls of this venerable pile have been heard the sound of music, and in particular the vibrant fanfare of horns, when there is no-one around. The most recent account of this is from November 2000 when a large crowd congregated on the seafront for a firework display heard the echoing sound of trumpets coming from the ruinous castle. The wraith of Thomas A'Becket has been seen in the castle precincts, accompanied by the sounds of groaning and rattling chains, particularly during autumn evenings. A long established legend holds that on certain days, the reflection of the castle, in all its original splendor, can be seen out to sea, complete with flags fluttering from the turrets!

England - Hereford - Hargess Court - A black dog has been seen by numerous people and usually foresees the death of a loved one.

England - Heworth - Heworth Graveyard - Three children where burnt alive in there beds while they slept and the legend says if at the stroke of midnight you run around the grave which you can't miss it’s the grave with the three people sleeping in there beds 12 times and say come play children play while running the kids that got killed tragically in there sleep will come out and play with you.

England - Ilkeston – Derbyshire - hermits wood - Strange banging noises, feelings of being watched and/or not alone, believed to be haunted by a monk that committed suicide many centuries ago, his apparition is said to be seen standing under the arch late at night.

England - Kettering - London road cemetery - You will see orbs and anomalies in you photos and will hear strange noises

England - Kielder - Bloodybush Road - In the remote area of kielder lies the lonely Willowbog Cottage, so old it is, in fact, mentioned in the Doomsday Book. From then on to the present day, every bridge ever built there, be it stone, metal or wood has never stood for over a decade. They have all at one point been found completely demolished over night or had to be destroyed due to unexplained bloodstains that cover every inch of it. On certain nights the galloping of hooves has been heard from the nearby Willowbog Cottage (which itself is 20 miles from anywhere). Willowbog still stands and is now the setting of a weekend and summer holiday activity center for the 74th Scout Troop of Newcastle upon Tyne but not even they have ever ventured to Bloodybush after midnight and god help anyone who ever does. For more on the story go to our experiences section. The link will be posted soon.

England - Lancashire - Goosnargh - Chingle Hall - far to much to tell briefly, chingle hall is said to be the most haunted house in britain with over 16 ghosts, and should be here with the best of them. there are many websites on Chingle Hall with everything you need to know. hope to see it here soon

England - Langport - Langport arms bed and breakfast - On many of occasions during the nights many people have come across seeing a man holding a candle in the mornings on occasion staff have had to tidy up kitchen due to plates and saucepans on floor and clearing some water which has seen to have come in, in the early 1900 Langport became under water after flash floods came in the restaurant got hit badly 2 people died there was no signs of who they were

England - Leeds - Dimbelby nursing home - Ghostly figures seen and bangings of windows and doors and footsteps in the night spookey place!

England - Leeds - Rodley - Many apparitions seems to haunt the area.

England - Leicester - Belgrave Hall - In 1998 a brief image was recorded on a security camera in the dead of the night. this lead to worldwide media interest in the several-hundred year old hall which stands in the heart of old Belgrave next to the parish church. Also reports of shrieking being heard from the garden of the hall in the small hours of the morning.

England - Leicester - Hungarton – Quemby Hall - Reports of an apparition of a blue lady, beds that have looked like they where slept in, and cold spots.

England - Leicester - Mary De Castro Church - Various monk-like chanting sounds heard near to the rear entrance of the thousand year old church which was originally the chapel for Leicester Castle. Also numerous reports of ghostly friars seen in the immediate vicinity.

England - Leicestershire - Bradgate Park - On Christmas eve a carridge being pulled by headless horses caring mary queen of scots witn her head on her lap as it goes into the ruined mansion and then disapeared.

England - Leicestershire - Grace Due Ruins - Witnesses report cold spots feelings of nervousness, apparitions of a large angelic being.

England - Leicestershire - Loseby Lane - There have been sightings of a gentleman (often only as a reflection in a window pane) wearing a long black coat and a wide brimmed hat. It is not known who this gentleman is, but when there have been sightings the person in question has often turned around to find no one there.

England - Leicestershire - Tugby - The old vicarage in tugby next to the grave yard has had many descriptions of the ghost at the window. There is a man in the village who actually has a old original photo of this ghost.

England - Litchfield - Oakenfields - a boy has been seen who apparently was murder in the early 18 century.

England - Litchfield - Windmill close - "a dark disturbing man" has been seen wondering the streets late at night but only children have been reported to see this. also for some reason unknown local papers which do know about this seem scared to say anything.

England - Liverpool - Croxteth hall - numerous hauntings.1 children playing, laughing and running. 2.dark figures has been seen sitting in non existing chairs. 3.maid has been seen in the kitchen doing here duties.4.a male has been seen in the principal corridor.5.footsteps,noises and ghost of servants walking from room to room in the attic. no wonder there is ghost because it was built in c1575.from Phillip Flynn a ghost hunter.

England - Liverpool - Fountains Abbey public house - Witnesses have seen a lady dressed in a full length black cape with a hood. in the rear yard of the shop. Feelings of not being alone, even being tucked in at night.

England - Liverpool - Les Enfants Day Nursery - used to be the old huyton morgue has verry strange goings on such as when opening up nursery in morningsyou can hear foot steps which seem to shuffel in the room were post mortems were carred out. childrens toys turning the self on we have opend up in morning to find a toy walking cat walking around. children talk to some one who they call mr and claim that he dissapears into a door children during quiet time have all sat and laughed and pointed to ceiling saying, “Mr., Mr., I can see you.” a member of staff have claimed to see a tall dark figure of a mann holding hands with what she belived to look like a child standing in a door way which children recently said mr disapears in to. when going home at night workers always dobble cheack every were is locked but come in in morning to find windows open or doors unlocked. there are cold spots and you feel like you are beeing watched. since starting building work recently this has become worse and every one would lik to find out more or like some one to do a reading.

England - Liverpool – Lydiate - Lydiate Abbey - Sounds of babies crying and screaming. In Henry VIII reign it was destroyed but earlier than that it was used for sacrifices. The sacrifices being the babies.

England - Liverpool - Philharmonic hall- A ghostly humming comes from one of its lowest rooms also footsteps can be heard in empty rooms.

England - Liverpool - Speke Hall - People have heard the sound of children crying during the night.

England - Liverpool - Walton - Walton Hall - Where a locked and bolted door is reported to open, and after thirty seconds suddenly bangs shut. This phenomenon is said usually to take place in June, and one story attributes the occurrence to the ghost of an elderly lady who, in the eighteenth century, to have died in her bath and still tries desperately to get back into her bedroom

England - London - Old Club UK - A white misty cloaked form of a man, was photographed standing between two unsuspecting clubbers. Its rumored that the building was used as a sweat shop in the early 1900's where workers often died of exhaustion...

England - London - East Acton - an old church building that is now a school meant to be haunted by monks in the I.T room seen by a teacher and in the hall an old lady called the blue lady who died on the titanic when it sank has been seen dancing on the stage.

England - London – Greenwich - Queens House - The Queens house in Greenwich, southeast London is now a part of the national maritime museum but was originally part of the old royal palace. It is said to have numerous ghosts including that of a small mischievous child who pinches visitors and a lady in grey who glides across the balconies. The main museum has also been said to be a place where unexplained footsteps and bangs/crashes can be heard.

England - London - Hampton Court Palace - Catherine Howard(One of Henry V111's wives)was imprisoned in the Palace in 1541 but escaped from her guards, and ran to the chapel to beg for mercy from the king. But the king pretended to be at prayer and ignored her. Catherine was dragged away shrieking and was executed soon afterward. In recent times her terrible ghostly screams have echoed around the palace.

England - London - Heathrow Airport - The ghost of Dick Turpin has been haunting the area of Heathrow since the 1700's, when he was hanged. He is usually found near the runways, riding a brown horse and wearing British-Colonial style clothes.

England - London - Plumstead Manor School - Reports of hearing a strange banging or slamming sound, whispers in your ears.

England - London - Royal University of Hathaway - On the 4th floor of the Dormitory, in a private room, there is a spirit of a young man. He's very sad, and there are a few different ways that his hauntings take place. One person stayed there for a week and was awakened a few times in the middle of the night by the ghost. The first encounter was at the sink in the room. The water was running, and it was splashing around with no one visibly at the sink. The second night there was someone sitting on the edge of the bed crying. The third night was the last for this room as the ghost was sitting on the edge of the bed, making a visible imprint in the bed. The ghost then got up and stepped over the person staying in the room to the window out to the courtyard. With a great audible sigh, the ghost, quite visible at this point stooped through window opening and leaped out.

England - London - St. James's Park - There is a headless monk that apparently walks in front of people and then disappears. This takes place near the bridge that crosses the river.

England - London – St. Pancras Chambers (Formerly The Midland Grand Hotel - Many people have witnessed seeing the figure of a lady on the grand staircase and roman soldiers have also been seen in the basements. It is believed a woman found out she was pregnant in the early 1900 and so threw herself down the staircase because she couldn't cope with being pregnant out of wedlock. The ghost of a man is said to haunt room 10.

England - London - terror tower - the tower where people were tortured then killed. sightings of ghosts have been seen.

England - London - Tower of London - when you walk through the chambers you can feel a strange cold feeling and many ghosts sightings have been reported and two children where found under the staircase.

England - London - Theater Royal - The Man In Gray who is only seen during rehearsals for hit shows. There is also the ghost of a famous clog dancer his presence is detected by a whiff of lavender.

England - London - White Chapel - The ghost of Jack The Ripper's first victim, Polly Nichols haunts the spot where her body was found.

England - Long Melford - Melford Hall - There have been unexplained fires started in the bell-tower when the church has been locked and no-one there...

England - Long Melford / Suffolk-The Bull Inn - Reports of a ghost walking there.

England - Lowton - Travellers Rest Inn - a strange occurance of missing objects and movement of objects also occurances of someone calling their name by some of the staff it is said that the site used to be a mortary

England - Lyme Regis - The Angel Pub - Objects appear and disappear, and sudden and intense cold has been experienced. Doors open and close of their own accord. The ghost is of a young woman, the daughter of a former publican. No other information is known, but the phenomenon has been experienced by the present incumbents, and by local people. Only haunts the upper parts of the pub, which are private. Very creepy atmosphere.

England - Maidstone - Kent - Old Bluebell Hill - 30 Years ago there was an serious accident down bluebell Hill were a young women of 18 was Killed in a car crash ever since the accident people have seen a figure of a woman standing by the side of the road there has been many reports of this and reports of a woman appearing in the middle of the road.

England - Maidstone - Nettlestead - A foitpath from the church at Nettlestead leads down to the river Medway. Opposite the end of the path is a small island in the river. It is said that on one night of the year in November (the 11th - uncertain about this), a bridge appears at this point and the ghosts of a monk and a bound and gagged woman appear on the bridge. The woman is thrown into the river by the monk, and everything disappears&

England - Mexborough - Ragger - a young girl by the name of the white lady was walking through a tunnel when a train hit her. There is a gap in the tunnel wall, which you can sit in, then you say her name 3 times and she reappears walking through the tunnel. Only a few people have been in contact with the white lady i am one of them.

England - Mirfield West Yorkshire - castle hill St. Mary’s Church- people feeling apparitions of horses cantering past sounds of battle and dark hooded figure seen wondering around the graveyard. castle hill is a large hill which once was occupied by a Norman castle and still has a surrounding swamp.

England - Morpeth - Chantry Middle School - so-called 'scary Jesus' walks round the girls toilets flushing the chains and turning on all the taps.

England - Nantwich – Cheshire - The Lamb Hotel - The ghost of a man who used to own the hotel haunts the (now closed) Lamb Hotel. The man when alive gave the hotel to his wife, Claire who he had recently found out was having an affair. After signing the deeds over to her he took a shotgun and killed himself. There is a dedication plaque for him in the reception. The bells in the kitchen ring late at night when the kitchen is empty.

England - Newbury - Westfield way 4 - black figure walking up and down the stairs train track out side not been used for 76 years but trains go past and you can hear screaming and laughing footsteps in the loft. The bones found of a baby under floorboards.

England - Newcastle - Howden - a woman who worked in a mill years ago was murdered by her employer, he pushed her head into the mill, and her hair got caught and pulled off her head, now it is said that she walks along the archers bridge with her head in her hands looking for the man who killed her

England - Newcastle - Tynemouth Priory - A castle from the 1500's (I think) with a lot of ghostly activity, 1 story of which is of the Monk Ghosts, there is a so-called "monk stone" in the graveyard of the priory where many people have witnessed monks preying to the stone, (me being one of them) they wear long brown gowns, with gold/yellow rope belts, and hoods with gold/yellow markings on them. There is also the story of "The 3 Kings' Grave" where if you dare to visit at 12:00pm, (midnight) take a coin and place it on the grave, a white hand will rise and pick the coin up and "dances" it around on the grave.

England - Newstead - Newstead abbey - There are several ghosts that haunt the old mansion, one called the white lady and one called the black widow. Many people have seen the white lady and have tried to communicate with her but when they do she disappears. The black widow if seen can cause a curse that can ruin that person’s life.

England - Newstead - Nottingham - Newstead Abbey - Was once home to the famous poet Lord Byron, A number of times a lady in white has been spotted collecting water from the waterfall near the main lake. Also several other ghosts have been spotted in the Abbey, the abbey and grounds are open to the public all year round. There is a very cold feeling in several places in the abbey when you are walking around.

England - Newton - le Willows - Newton Park (Newton Lake) - The White Lady has been haunting this lake for many years. No one knows the true story as there are many. The White Lady is believed to have been drowned by her husband (who is thought to haunt Willow Park) and now comes back every night. She is often seen floating on the lake before she disappears.

England - Northampton - The Royal Theatre - There are two boxes in the Royal, the one on the Right is haunted by the 'grey lady'. She has been seen frequently by backstage staff.

England - Norfolk - Norwich - Clifton Close - In one of the flats it is a very weird atmosphere, you can feel the presence of someone all the time even if you are alone at home. A boy and a girl were sleeping in the same room once, they slept in separate beds, the boy could feel the presence of someone but couldn’t see anyone, after a while he could feel that someone sat down on his bed, when he looked up no one was there and then something laid down next to him and started hugging him. There was also a picture taken of the house from the outside and in one of the windows you could see an old man looking out of the window with an old lady next to him.

England - Norfolk - Norwich - Maddemarket Theatre - During a performance of a Christian medieval play, the ghost of a monk walked across the stage and moved all the crosses. The producers were later congratulated on their use of special effects - although they knew nothing about it and there have been many other sightings... part of the theatre has a very nasty atmosphere and no one dares to go there alone...

England - North Yorkshire - Stape - Ken Ather Centre - The "Green Lady" as she has been named by school student who have visited stape, appears in the girls dormitory on the "haunted bunk" - a lone bunk that stands against the wall. Some students have seen her, a few have been pushed off her bunk - the top one - and others have felt things. The few students, who have managed a night on the bottom bunk, were found to have scratch marks the next morning.

England - North Yorkshire - Swainby - Cleveland - Whorlton castle - This is a old ruin castle and moat with only the gatehouse and underground vaults left standing. Whorlton castle is haunted by many ghosts including a grey lady and several dark shapes that seem stand guard inside the gatehouse. This castle is very active!

England - Norwich - The Bell Hotel - across the road - Across the road from the Inn there is a cemetery. This is said to be the last resting place of 'Betty’. Two investigators went into the cemetery to find Betty's grave. They discovered it right opposite the window to room 12.Using E.F.M.s (Electro-magnetic Field Metres) they gaussed the area. The alarm sounded and the needle disappeared off the screen. Next to Betty's grave is one of Sir Charles Sword. Photographs were taken and show, behind the grave of sir Charles the Hilt of a sword. There was nothing to be seen by the investigators but the photo had picked up the hilt. Conclusion. Whilst the evidence indicates room 12 of the Bell Hotel IS haunted, it is not by the spirit of Betty Radcliffe.

England - Narthwich - Marbury Country Park - Believed to be haunted by the gray lady and numerous others.

England - Northumberland - Chillingham Castle - Supposed to be the most haunted place in England, Chillingham Castle as over 600+ years of violent history. Chillingham became a fortress in the 14th century and as more than a fair share of ghosts and spirits some are known like the Blue boy and Lady Mary Berkley. But Chillingham also as plenty of other spirits that are not known by many. Chillingham castle was built to stop the Scottish from over running the north of England. Though the Chillingham castle may look beautiful on the outside, the castle holds an immense dungeon from witch dreadful dead were done to the criminal and innocent alike. The surrounding area is haunted as well.

England - Nottingham - Galleries of justice - Ghost tours are held and several sightings of criminals hung and buried there walk the courtrooms and offices in the building. Feelings of being watched

England - Nottingham - Wellston Hall - A woman in periodic clothing has been seen many times, wandering the premises and then disappearing into mist.

England - Nottinghamshire - Newstead Abbey - The Abbey was built in the 12th century and has a lot of history. The purpose of the Abbey was for a priory for black Augustine Monks. This was the Monks home for about 400 years. But King Henry decided to change everything for them. He sold the home to the Byron family. They slowly destroyed the Home using the bricks to build their adjoining home. The Abbey now had no roof and was not a home anymore. The story goes as the Monks make sure things don’t go well for that family they don’t have many children and money is now short. And when a family member dies they turn up and laugh.

England - Notingham - Victoria Leisure Centre - The story goes that an old Duty Officer called George had chosen a room in the subways beneath the centre as his personal 'hidey-hole'. He apparently died of a heart attack in there and wasn't found for several days. The small pool was used as a morgue in the second world war, and there have been reported sightings around that area. One lifeguard reportedly saw a man with his head on backwards running along the pool side.

England - Old bury - Tividale high school - in the great hall at this school a 15 year old boy threw his self to his death from the balcony, due to the pressures of his exams. he was found by his class mates as they entered for there exams. he is now known to stand on the balcony and look down at other pupils as they do there exams.

England - Oxford - Priestleys Woods - Lady on a Horse riding sidesaddle, looking for her family who drowned in the lake,

England - Oxford - Sandford - It Has been seen many times as a man George Napier-Who had himself hung-drawn and quartered and his family went to look for the limbs of their father, they recovered all the limbs, apart from the head, it is said for on christmas eve, every year, you will see George riding on a coach and four horses down the river, searching for his lost head with his arms while riding the coach, it is said that if you see him, you die within the year.

England - Oxford - Sandford - Sandford Village Hall - it has been seen and herd by a number of people, that there is a man, who at some point you will hear an ear-deafening scream, and a face and hands of a man with a streached face will emerge and push from from the wall, making the wall strech and puts people into a trance, this is a very rare sighting, - Beware though, it is not safe.

England - Paulton - public park - old women sat on bench at night about 11:00 o’clock and on. She wears a red scarf but the rest of her seems blurred - witnesses ponder whether if its a red scarf or blood. she sits there frozen all night. (Some people have seen her with a ghost dog) about every 5 minutes she wanders round the public park calling out "have you seen my daughter she was here last night" & others have heard her whisper, "help me find her with me"

England - Pluckley - The road from Pluckley to Maltman's Hill - haunted by phantom coach and 4 horses. On dark nights it is supposed to be possible to hear the drumming of horses' hooves and the carriage wheels rumbling on the lonely road. I read this book which says there are 12 ghosts in Pluckley! (one of the ghosts has already been mentioned - the suicidal school master)

England - Pontefract - Pontefract town hall and castle Description of Haunting: Pontefract town hall - Ghostly women seen walking the stairs who was apparently killed on her wedding day in the hall.

England - Pontefract - Pontefract castle - Monk figures seen walking around the outskirts near the catholic chapel and 2 figures of children seen playing near the dungeons.

England - Portsmouth - The White Swan Pub - The White Swan Pub in commercial road, Portsmouth is haunted by the ghost of Victorian barmaid who had been murdered by her husband

England - Praa Sands - Pengersick castle - strong female presence detected in bedchamber. Movement of control objects and radical drops in temperature. Countless late night vigils carried out by members of the ghost club, televised display of automatic writing resulting in a scribbled depiction of a female face. Alleged candidate for the most haunted house in Britain.

England - Ramsgate - Ellington park - the story goes that in a house that used to be over Ellington park a lady war stabbed by her husband that was drunk, it is said that on the rockery, which is the remains of the house you can see the ghost of the woman running from her husband.

England - Ravenglass - Muncaster Castle - Tom Fool - He rattles the doors and roams the grounds. There is a painting within the Castle for all to see.

England - Reading - A Pub - Reports of a ghost that looks like a Cavalier, From the Roundheads And Cavaliers War.

England - Redditch - Abbey High School - the head teacher of this school seems to haunt the students on the day of 17th may every year as they walk along the top corridor under the bell house there has been 42 sights of this head teacher in the last 7 years some say he helps you but others will not say incase of what might happen.

England - Redditch - Barley Mow Pub - Ghosts have been reported here by people who live near by this pub, which apparently is built on top of a massive graveyard.

England - Retford – Nottinghamshire - White Hart Hotel - This local pub is said to be haunted by a young girl killed by a horse drawn coach in the cobbled court yard at the rear of the building. A bust of the girl located in the building in her memory has been said to mysteriously reappear when new tenants of the pub have tried to discard of it during the years. The hotel part of the building has had many visitors reporting strange footsteps on the landing leading to passageways since disused by guests!.

England - Rickmansworth – St. Joan of Arc - St Joan’s is haunted by a nun who wanders up and down the old English corridor. The old building was originally a nuns convent, and it is believed that the ghost nun is the spirit of a former nun who was pushed down the stairs and broke her neck.

England - Rochdale - About 8 years ago, 2 brothers went to a nightclub and took ecstasy tablets. Both then climbed onto the roof of the building and started dancing, but both lost their balances and fell to their death. Every night from 12pm-3pm, their ghosts are seen dancing on the roof of the now abandoned nightclub. There have been 5 sightings to date.

England - Rochester – Kent - Rochester Castle - On Good Friday 1264 Ralph de Capo defended the castle against Simon de Montfort. In the ensuing battle the betrothed of Ralph, Lady Blanch de Warenne was killed, by manner unknown, and it is her pathetic ghost that is seen haunting the Castle on the anniversary of her death. She is most frequently seen with an arrow in her breast. There is also the form of an old man to be seen in and around the moat, and local legend that the man is none other than Charles Dickens who expressed a wish to be buried there. It is interesting to note that the same specter has been seen under the Corn Exchange clock! The Castle is under the watchful eye of English Heritage and is open daily at any reasonable time, and well worth a visit.

England - Rotherham Maltby - Roche Abbey - Many apparitions of monks and ghostly shapes have been seen, as well as ghostly voices and chanting heard by many visitors to this old ruin.

England - Rugby - Bishop Wulstan R.C High School - They call the ghost George, who haunts the top part of the school. He died at the school whilst training to become a monk.

England - Rugby - Rugby Theatre - It is haunted by 2 ghosts, 1st in the stalls from where someone that fell of the balcony and died and the 2nd backstage from an old actor that died at home of old age.

England - Ryde - Nettlestone School campsite - bloody mary, haunts girls toilets and has a twisted arm and leg.

England - Scarborough – Yorkshire - The Clifton Hotel - On the first floor in one of the bedrooms voices of people are heard arguing but there is no one inside the room when you go in. On the second floor occasionally all the (20) bedroom doors are found open and all the tv sets are on playing loudly. This usually happens after all the rooms have been cleaned and closed up ready for new guests.

England - Sheffield - Stockbridge bypass - it is one of the most haunted places in Britain. It is the most dangerous road. People say that ghosts of little girls will appear in front of a car causing it to crash. A secruity van parked there one night to investigate strange noises. they could hear someone banging on the roof. one of the security guards got out of the car to check. the security guard in the car looked trough the back window to see a monk looking through the window and punching the car. they reported it to the police who had the same thing happen to them. one police man left and the other took sick leave and never returned.

England - Shropshire - Ironbridge - Tontine Hotel - Room 5 is haunted by a man who was hung in that room as it used to be and old execution chamber. Many people have woken in the middle of the night with a man sat at the end of the bed. Also sometimes a boat can be seen drifting down the river carrying bodies from the plague, being taken the plague pits where they put all the plague victims.

England - Shropshire - Ford - a man on a horse is said to be seen riding through the churchyard. Supposedly in the 18th century he was drunk and fell off his horse and was killed. he now haunts the churchyard with his horse. Only a few select people have seen this ghost mostly on full moons.

England - Shropshire - Village Church - A young girl is sometimes seen in the church, wearing old-fashioned clothing. A long time ago, there was a fire in the church, and she appears on the anniversary of this event. A Popular version of the story says that she accidentally started the fire, and perhaps did not get out of the building in time.

England - Skelton - Health Centre - Roman Legionaries are said to be heard marching down to York from Bamburgh Castle, also lights flickering, footsteps whilst alone, cold drafts.

England - Sleaford - The priory - It has been reported sightings of monks, inside and outside the area, there feet cannot be seen, neither there faces. Also loud screams and yells have been reported coming from inside the building, which has been empty for years..

England - South-East Coast - Reculver Towers - Reculver dates back before the Romans, it is a VERY dark and Gloomy place, LOTS of activity there of the paranormal kind, 2 words " VERY HAUNTED ", this place has to be one of the most FRIGHTING places to investigate in Kent.

England - Southampton - Netley abbey castle - only the walls of the castle and a few rooms are left, at night you hear footsteps and rattles of chains, many people have spotted a lady in a white flowing dress looking out of one of the top back windows, at the end of the garden there is a torture chamber where people used to be drown, cries have been heard from beneith, and knight like figures on and off horses have been known to rush through the centre of the castle as if in battle.

England - Southampton - New Forest - Halfmoon Common - just across the road from the car park a ghost has been seen it walks across and looks to see what you are doing it has long white hair and maybe connected to a hanging.

England - Stevenage - Clop Hill - supposedly the church here is built the opposite direction to Jerusalem in which there has been many suspected hauntings going on as there were devil worshippers that would do sacrifices of innocent people they would chant and leave symbols of sacrifice after they would taunt innocent people they would hang them on the haunted tree also the graves situated around the church are in a semi-circle and placed on top of one another there are also eerie noise's that can be heard inside the church ruins.

England - Suffolk - Ipswich - the 7 sisters - as every one who comes from or lives near Ipswich will no there is a place called the 7 sisters. near the Orwell bridge. this is were 7 sisters committed suicide and were buried in a near by graveyard, this place has since been very weird as lots of scary things happen and no one will ever go there alone.

England - Suffolk - RAF Woodbridge - "East-End Charlie" was a German pilot who, during WWII was flying his badly damaged plane back to what he thought was Germany. He instead crash-landed at the east end of the runway at RAF Woodbridge. A witness reports, "When I was stationed there in the late 70's, it was a US Air Force Base. The area in which Charlie would be seen was a weapons storage area which was bordered on the east side by what we referred to as 'The Queen's Woods'. Often British 'Ghost' societies would go out at night in the woods on 'Ghost Hunts' and we were advised of this. However, there was an old metal guard tower in the Northeast corner of the weapons area where a guard would always be posted. Anyone coming up the stairs to the tower would be heard as the stairs creaked". A guard looked up at a tower window and saw Charlie looking in on him. He jumped up, grabbed his M-16 and kicked open the heavy iron door. Charlie was already on the ground (15 feet below) running to the Southeast corner. He called a response team. When they got there, Charlie was running into the woods (which was on the other side of two alarmed fences, covered with concertina wire). This is the same RAF Woodbridge where a UFO was widely reported to have landed in a farmer's field right outside the base in the late 70's/early 80's.
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Haunted Uk places

Listed below are places that have had some reported ghostly activity.

Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire

The spectre of an Augustinian monk was seen wearing a brown hassock covering, accompanied by a strong smell of incence this figure has been seen walking through the walls of the rectory. This same ghost has been witnessed on a number of occasions near the rectory by frequent visitors to the ruins.

Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire

A ghostly choir of disembodied male voices have been heard on more than one occasion here. 'The blue ghost' resides in nearby Fountains Hall also an Elizabethan gent has been seen coming out from some wood panelling at the hall. Local legend has it that Friar Tuck stayed at the abbey, and his comrade Robin Hood's bow was kept at the abbey too.

Aldwych station, London

The 'fluffers', people who clean the tunnels and stations, claim to have been scared by a figure who appears on the tracks at night. The ghost is that of an actress who believes she has not enjoyed her last curtain call, supposedly haunts the station. Aldywch used to be on the site of the old Royal Strand Theatre.

Monmouth Ash Tree, Horton and Woodlands, Dorset.

In 1685 Lord Monmouth was ill advised by Protestant leaders to invade the West Country from his base in Holland and declare himself the rightful King. His band of ill-equipped followers gave name to the uprising, known as the ‘Pitchfork Rebellion’.

The army he led was persued by Lord Faversham towards Bridgwater. The two forces engaged each other at the battle of Sedgemoor. Although the inexperienced farmers and labourers fought bravely they were no match for Faversham’s trained troops and were routed. Monmouth himself was captured and taken to the Tower of London. After a summary trial he was executed.

Over three hundred years later near the spot where he was captured stands an Ash Tree with a plaque attached recording Monmouth’s last stand, but that may not be the only reminder of what happened there so long ago, because many people have claimed to have seen the bedraggled Lord staggering around carrying his severed head, especially on the night of 16th July, the anniversary of the date on which he was put to death. So prevalent was the belief in this haunting that it was said that the local populace would not pass by without the safety of a charm.

Eyam, Derbyshire

Many buildings are said to be haunted in the village of Eyam, pronounced 'EEM', is famous for its plague cottages. Eyam Hall is haunted by an old man, he wanders the upstair rooms. The Miners Arms pub is also said to have a collection of spooks, an elderly woman in a black bonnet, black cape and black boots, she is thought to be a former landlord's wife, she was murdered in the 17th century. Two young spirits by the names of Sarah and Emily also roam, they footsteps have been heard by some of the regulars, also girlish giggling has been heard in the corridors of the pub.

York dungeons

Is said to be haunted by the ghost of Guy Fawkes.

Armley Jail, Leeds

The Victorian Jail at Armley in West Yorkshire has an abundance of paranormal activity, both day and night. Reports of apparitons, movement of furniture in cells, windows that open and close by themselves. Knockings on doors when there is no one there. Two staff members saw an apparition in broad daylight whilst eating their lunch, the figure just vanished into thin air. Ghosts are seen walking though walls in certain parts of the jail. The ghost of a modern day guard has recently been seen in broad daylight. Sounds of objects being thrown around empty rooms. Oppression is felt around the old topping shed, where prisoners where once hanged. The Grey Lady - ghost of a female guard haunts the wings and chapel, wearing period uniform, she is thought to have died there back in the 1800's.

Chillingham Castle, England

Chillingham Castle, England

There are a number of ghosts resident in this spooky castle in Northumberland. With it’s dark dungeons and torture chamber, it’s the perfect environment for paranormal activity. It dates from the 13th century and has been owned by the same family continuously. Chillingham’s most famous ghost is the ‘blue boy’ who cries and moans sorrowfully. He is seen, even in the present day, around a particular four poster bed in the castle and appears dressed in blue. During the 1920’s the bones of a young boy and the remains of a blue dress were discovered in a wall alongside another skeleton. Another ghost, Lady Mary Berkeley, is reputed to be searching for her husband, who ran off with her sister. One of the most haunted areas is the old nursery where her portrait hung, and legend has it that she regularly stepped out of her frame to frighten the children and their nanny, chasing after them. The rustle of her dress is often heard along the corridors and stairs followed by a draft of icy air.

Haunted Properties in uk

Haunted Properties in uk ;-

The Auld Hoose Public House, Tayport, Fife

The Auld Hoose is situated in one of the oldest parts of Tayport on Whitenhill and has always been a public house.  It dates from the early nineteenth century and stands right next to the graveyard of the Old Kirk.  Parts of this church were built as early as 1607 and most of the graves are those of shipmasters - Tayport's harbour was a very busy one in those days.  The graveyard wall sits right next to the garage built onto the side of the pub and, as a result, the graves behind this wall will most likely be at eye level to those in the bar of the Auld Hoose.

Although a detailed history of this building seems to be difficult to find, the owners say that ghostly events have been reported throughout the years - some of which they have experienced themselves, some from previous owners and also from the customers who have frequented there recently and in the past.  Examples of paranormal activity are:

     a mist seen in the lounge area
     two members of staff at the same time sensing someone rush past them near the bar, but were unable to see anybody
     the sound of pool balls moving on their own, when nobody in that room
     two sets of doors being opened and shut in the small bar area and the posters on the wall of the hallway lifting up as if by a gust of wind from someone rushing past - customers present witnessed the doors being flung open as if someone had walked through
     a loud noise as if something had been thrown in the small bar was heard by a member of staff who was in the other bar - nobody was in the small bar at the time.  Upon investigation, a pack of playing cards that had last been seen sitting in it's cardboard box on the actual bar was found thrown on the floor by the seating area a few feet away.  The cards were out of the box and had been arranged in a semi-circle with just the jokers facing upwards
     glasses have been seen flying off the shelf of the bar for no apparent reason.


Castle Menzies, Weem, Perthshire

Castle Menzies is open to the public and visitors are allowed to take photos inside.

Situated just outside the village of Weem in Perthshire, Castle Menzies is an imposing building that has been carefully restored to its present condition.  Paranormal activity is ongoing and is frequently reported by visitors to the castle.  While the curator does not want to divulge the full details of these events to ensure that potential investigators are not influenced by them, here are some of the known occurrences:

     children's voices and laughter have been reported in various parts of the castle
     the smell of perfume has been noticed in one particular room on several occasions
     a door in one room has been known to close of its own accord
     unpleasant odours have been smelled by visitors in a certain area on the ground floor
     many visitors have refused to enter the castle due to the foreboding feeling they experience
     one little girl in recent years saw something in one of the ground floor rooms that was so terrible that she refused to cross the threshold into that room and had to be taken out of the castle immediately
     footsteps have been heard frequently in one room coming from the room above when no one could have been there
     trigger objects set up by a previous investigation team were found moved out of position in one room.
     shutters closing by themselves

The Dreel Tavern, Anstruther, Fife

The Dreel Tavern is situated in Anstruther Wester.  It is a charming stonebuilt 16th century property and former coaching inn.  The building has links with King James V of Scotland and there is a plaque outside commemorating his visit to the town.  The details on the plaque are said to be a watered down version of the story for tourists.  James was supposedly carried over the Dreel burn by a local beggar maid.  The promiscuous James paid her for her services, which probably included a bit more than keeping his feet dry, with a gold coin.  The woman's greeting or benison "May Prick nor Purse never fail you" inspired the name of the first sexclub in Scotland.  The Beggar's Benison club was founded in Anstruther in 1732.  Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that a previous psychic had the impression that the upstairs of the Dreel Tavern was once used as a brothel in times gone by.

Paranormal activity reported by staff includes:

   * a man has been seen on more than one occasion sitting in the armchair in the guest bedroom.  He was said to look like a pirate
   * the shelf in the guest bedroom was witnessed by several people turning round but the ornaments on top of it did not fall off
   * the bed in the guest bedroom is said to have moved during the night while the occupant was asleep in it
   * the bed upstairs in the office is also said to have moved during the night while being slept in (both beds are situated under windoes with window seats and which look out over the front of the building)
   * movement and shadows have been seen by staff after closing the bars
   * doors have been heard opening and closing by staff after closing time in the area near the toilets
   * brass plates have fallen from the wall in the pub without any obvious reason for doing so
   * a commotion/voices were heard at 3am by the occupant of the bed in the office.  She thought it sounded like children playing
   * footsteps have been heard coming from the top floor of the building when nobody was there to account for them


The Forest Hills Hotel, Auchtermuchty, Fife

The Forest Hills Hotel, is a charming building situated  in the oldest part of Auchtermuchty. The hotel, formerly known as the Boar's Head Inn, was once a coaching inn and dates back to 1738, making it one of the oldest buildings in the town.

The present owners of the hotel state that paranormal activity does appear to be ongoing in the property but have not witnessed any of it themselves. Staff, relatives and guests, however have  had  unexplained experiences while at the hotel :

   * a dark shadow-like figure was seen in the function room doorway by a member of staff afterclosing time. This caused him to swiftly lock-up and leave but was left with a horrible sensation of dread which lasted with him till he got home.
   * glasses have been mysteriously thrown from the shelf behind the bar in the function room with 2 witnesses to this event
   * a woman in old-fashioned clothes (possibly Victorian)  has been seen in the back bar area.
   * a male spirit in uniform has been seen regularly in the kitchen by a member of staff
   * a loud noise has been heard by a guest. The noise appeared to be coming from the landing outside her room and sounded like something heavy being dragged along the floor. No other guests were staying in the hotel at the time.
   * people have also reported feelings of being touched.

HMS Frigate Unicorn, Victoria Dock, Dundee

HMS Frigate Unicorn is the oldest British warship afloat. The frigate is very well preserved, being 95% original. The ship was surplus to requirement and has never actually seen active service at war. However, this lack of bloodshed does not mean that the vessel has any shortage of alleged paranormal activity.

Reports from staff and visitors include :

   * footsteps from the upper deck when nobody else was on board to account for them
   * the figure of a man in naval uniform seen walking across the upper deck in daylight hours (seen by the manager himself)
   * a small bookcase being overturned and tipped onto the floor when the ship was empty
   * people being touched and having hair lightly pulled
   * trigger objects left out by another paranormal team on the gun deck being moved
   * items being thrown at tv presenters during filming of Living TV's Most Haunted

Lathones Inn, Largoward, Fife

Lathones Inn lies approximately 5 miles from St Andrews in the East Neuk of Fife.  This quaint hotel is reputed to be St Andrews' oldest coaching inn, being some 400 years old.  The oldest part of the building is the former stables (now a function room) and the front house dates back to the 17th century.  There is a marriage lintel dated 1718 above the fireplace which was to commemorate the marriage of former owners Iona Kirk and Ewan Lindsay who ran the establishment as a Drovers' inn.

Such an old building deserves to have a ghost or two.  There have been many recent strange events at the inn reported by guests and staff:

      doors and windows opening and closing by themselves
      fire tools swinging and also moving fom one side of the fireplace to the other
      a baby crying in the upstairs office
      a grey swirling mist appearing above beds
      the Grey Lady and her horse who are reputed to reside in the old stables.


St Michael's Inn, near Leuchars, Fife

St Michael's Inn was built in 1799 and served as a coaching in and drop-off point for the Dundee Penny Post.  It is situated at a crossroads called Carrick Junction which is nowadays known as St Mike's.  This crossroads is where the roads from St Andrews, Cupar, Tayport and Newport all meet.  The surrounding area used to be forest but, of course, as with other areas of the British countryside, this has changed over time.

Paranormal activity at the inn has been reported by guests and staff and is still ongoing.  The staff feel that there is nothing malevolent at the inn and feel that the guest bedrooms are welcoming and homely.  Reports include:

   * A guest telling staff that he had been speaking to a little girl on the stairs one morning only to be told that no children were staying at or visiting the inn
   * Several guests reporting at different times that someone was trying to open the bedroom door during the night (no other guests staying at the time)
   * A female figure has been seen from outside standing at the window of room 6
   * Feeling of someone rushing past felt by staff when in the back cellar
   * Cold spots and cobweb sensation felt in the function room by staff
   * A baby has been heard crying throughout the night on several occasions and reported by guests but no babies had been staying in the inn.  This has been heard while guests were in room 2 and was thought to come from room 3
   * The window of room 6 seems to open by itself and the bedclothes on the middle bed are disturbed frequently as if someone has been sitting on the bed.  This has been reported by domestic staff
   * Lights mysteriously turning on and off in the function room - these lights had not worked for several years!

The Post Office Bar, Broughty Ferry

This former post office built in 1907 is now a busy bar. Paranormal activity seems to be confined to the upstairs function room, which was oce the staff canteen, and within a locked cupboard in the back stairwell, which was once an area outside of the main building (the bricked up windows can still be seen inside this locked room).

Activity reported includes :

     a chest freezer often being found open when noody had been near it. The freezer is kept in a locked cupboard and is only  accessed when functions are on.
     keys repeatedly going missing from the function room and never turning up later. These were till keys left on top of the bar.
     sensations of not being alone upstairs
     cold spots
     staff being touched by unseen hands

The Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther, Fife

The museum was opened in 1969 and is comprised of several historical buildings, two of which are 'A' listed buildings: a 16th century Abbot's lodging and a Merchant's house dating from 1724.  Parts of the museum are also on the site of an earlier chapel, cooper's yard, and tavern.  The site itself has historical links to Balmerino Abbey. Paranormal activity at the museum has been reported by staff and visitors alike.  Reports include:

   * A dark figure has been seen crouching down by a boat in the boatyard
   * Footsteps have been heard after closing by staff standing in the engine room (the steps appeared to be from above in the Days of Steam room)
   * The door to the Cottage has been difficult to open and felt as if someone was pushing on it from the other side
   * A general feeling of unease and of being watched in the Zulu gallery
   * A child reporting that a 'spirit person' had been with the group as they went around the museum on torchlight tour during a themed night
   * Poltergeist type activity was experienced in the Days of Sail room when a certain pair of boots were moved into that room from their original place.  The activity ceased when the boots were returned to the loft of the Cottage where they had been originally.


Starz and Deacon Brodie's Bars, Dundee City Centre

Both parts of this former Methodist Church are home to paranormal activity : the Church itself now known as Starz and the adjoining building which was once a Sunday School and flat and is now Deacon Brodie's bar. The church was opened in 1867 and could hold a congregation of up to 700. This church was built on the site of an earlier church.

Staff report feeling very uneasy when in either building alone and 'ghost' sightings are numerous. The following experiences have been reported :

   * The figure of a man dressed in black has been seen several times standing next to the pillar by the bar in Deacon Brodies
   * Glasses have fallen from a shelf behind the bar, moved by unseen hands (the glasses which fell had come form the back of the shelf and were behind other glasses)
   *  A little girl has been seen on the back stairwell between the two bars
   * A little boy has been seen on the balcony area in Starz
   * Sensations of being pushed
   * Voices and other noises being heard when the buildings are empty Forum Index -> Haunted UK Locations
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