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So do you think your house is haunted?

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:49 pm    Post subject: So do you think your house is haunted?  Reply with quote

So do you think your house is haunted? Do you experience strange sounds and see strange things that you can not explain? Have items gone missing? Do you ever sense strange fragrances about your home? Well if you are unsure about any of these questions this page will help you decide if your house is haunted or not? You can try these simply experiments to try and decipher if your house is active.

  1. Check for temperature fluctuation, usually anything from 2.0 to 0 and –0 or sudden temperature drops are possible indication of spirit presence. Check for cold spots in certain areas.
  2. Set up a trigger object, take a plain white A4 piece of paper and place an object from your home on top of it. Preferably one that has been know to have gone missing in the past. If you do not have an object of this specification anything will do, a personal item maybe. Now draw around the object and then leave this experiment in a room where you feel activity is high. Now lock the door if you can, so to rule out persons or pets tampering. Check on it in the morning, if the item has been moved this could also indicate spirit activity.
  3. If you have a Dictaphone or a tape recorder or anything that can record sound set this up to record sound in a room you feel has activity. Leave this running over night, start the recording just before you retire to bed so the house is at its quietest. Review the tape the following morning if you have voices or strange sounds this could indicate EVP "Electronic Voice Phenomena"
  4. If you have a video camera, set this up to record in an area of your home where you suspect strange goings on. If the camera does not have IR "Infrared" Set-up a soft low wattage lamp and place it in the room where you are monitoring. Again start recording just before you go to bed and review the tape in the morning. If there is strange unexplained happenings this could also indicate paranormal activity.

     "Tip" Set the camera to record in LP "Long Play" This way you gain a longer record time Example a 60min tape in SP "Short Play" will give 60 minutes record time, in LP you will get 120 minutes.
  5. Sit in a room alone or with several other people, amounts no more than 5 and just ask if there is any spirit present if so please make a sound. If you get a response this could also mean spirit activity. "PLEASE NOTE USE THIS EXPERIMENT WITH CAUTION, KEEP A LEVEL OF RESPECT. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE WHO WOULD FOOL AROUND TO TAKE PART!"


Now if you have conducted these experiments correctly? And find that you are getting results from them all and feel you need more information? Please contact us at  supernaturalearth.

Some other things to note, if you have ever seen things in the corner of your eye or felt something touch your hair or face, or even felt a cold presence this could mean spirit activity. Other signs of activity could be personal items disappearing and then turning up hours or days later. The feeling of being watched and strange fragrances could also indicate a spirit presence.

In most cases up to 70 to 80% of haunted houses are just down to the expansion of floorboards, pipes warming up as central heating is activated? Drafts from old window frames or open windows, and even nature small creatures all play a role in tricking the mind. You must remember that the mind is a power existence and can play many tricks on you in a given situation.

But sometimes when all these possible reasons have been ruled out and still things can not be explained? You might just find your house, could be haunted!

Please contact us with your findings, as supernaturaleath would like to keep a tab on who is experiencing what in the world of the paranormal. maybe for some of our team members to come along and join you.

Thank you, hope this page has helped you to understand more.


Do NOT! Conduct Ouija Boards in your home or be involved in them! They are very Dangerous!

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