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The Occult

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:54 pm    Post subject: The Occult  Reply with quote

The Occult

Many people believe the occult is something evil and sinister, which may well be the case in some corners of the many beliefs that make up the occult.

The word "Occult" is a word to describe "The Hidden" or "The Unseen" It comes from the Latin word "Occultus" meaning "Hidden" or "Hidden knowledge" the word occult is not much different from the word "Paranormal" which is a word that means anything that has not yet been explained by science. For instance the idea that the earth was not the centre of the universe was considered "The Occult" just five hundred years or so ago by the church, and such a belief then might have got you burned at the stake.

The modern fashionable term "Occult" is used a lot to slander others of different religious beliefs and backgrounds. Its used to give someone’s beliefs or practices an evil, or sinister reputation. "The Occult" in reality can be used to describe any practice of any religion that science can not yet understand, or refuses to accept, as religion, or God, or the after life, or supernatural has not yet been proven by mainstream science.

The word "Cult" does not have any connection to the word "Occult". A Cult means a group that has ideologies that are based around the control of others, both psychologically and physically, so that members will commit complete allegiance to there leaders or leader. Cult groups that seek to control others and gain members by promising them things such as "Enlightenment" or "A ticket into heaven" if they believe without question certain things that the cult leader tells them to believe in, so cults could be based around any religion.

People involved in the magical forms of the occult are less likely to be involved in cults, as much of occult thought teaches spiritual freedom, meaning people should think for them selves, and not follow others, and to investigate life’s mysteries them selves.

Many religious fundamentalists today throw buzz words around like "CULT" to make others look bad, not knowing it is them in fact that are involved in cult like behaviours, but cant see it, because cult beliefs are strongly associated by brainwashing and extreme beliefs that defy logic.

Any type of ritual, be it Christian, Pagan, Catholic, Islamic, Jewish can be considered "occultism" but unfortunately people use the word today as a means of trying to make others look evil and sinister, as things like Hollywood movies and story books have given the word "Occult" an evil light.

Witchcraft is often classed as the occult, which it is, but many mistake it as "Devil worship" Witchcraft has its origins in ancient practices that stem back thousands of years, long before "The Devil" was even invented by the Judaic scholars . Pagans do not believe in Satan, as that is a Christian belief, not a Pagan one. Although the church over time has based there Satan around the image of some Pagan deities, such as Pan and Cerunnos, to further demonise Paganism.

Anyone thinking of becoming involved in any type of occult practices, be it Christian, Pagan or other wise, should do there home work first, and make there own decision on whether its right for them or not. Doing anything in life that is not completely understood, or is still the unknown has its dangers, and should not be taken lightly. The moment you cross the line into dangerous ground is when you start to use the energies within you to harm others, so always keep in mind the law of harm none.

With anything in life, what goes around will come around. When it comes to the occult, as long as you remember that no ones free will should be manipulated, and you feel comfortable with it, then your on the right path.

Like just about anything in life, "The Occult" has a good and a bad side, its what the user chooses to do with it that determines on whether it is a good or bad thing.


Here are some paths, most of which have got some connection to ancient times from many different cultures from around the world. Paganism is basically an umbrella term to describe religious paths that were before Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Its a title given to describe the old religions that where based on nature worship 'pagan' in Latin means "country dweller" or as some believe "At one with nature".

Dianic Paganism

This is the worship of the roman lunar goddess Diana. In many cases this faith excludes the God, as having any power at all, or in some cases does not exist at all, and that the Goddess is only worshipped. Many people involved in this today are mostly women, more than not women’s rights activists and feminists. On the other hand Dianic witchcraft is followed by Romany gypsies and modern day travellers (not to be mistaken by new age travellers)

Gardarian Wicca or witchcraft

This path is based on Gerald Gardener’s practices and teachings, he was a British civil servant and from the 40s through to the 50s and joined a coven of witches based in the new forest in England, and tried to bring the old religion back to societry. He some what succeeded too, because much of what Neo-paganism is today comes from his study and teachings. He was the inventor of Wicca a modern religion, that has its roots based in the old religions, mostly the Celtic one.

Thelemic path

This path is based on the 2 grimoire books the 17th century ‘The lesser key of Solomon’ (A book to summon the Geotic demons of the many legions of the Egyptian underworld or Hell) and the key of Solomon. Both books are closely linked with the Jewish Kabbalah. This faith (although not the ancient Isis worship also a Pagan religion) was created by the occultist Aliester Crowley, a contraverial figure, but was a very talented occultist, his teachings live on today in the religion of Thelema and his pholosephys greatly influances the 60s and mucisians from them times. Most Pagans respect his work as a occultist, but frown upon the man, as he is seen by many as not the nicest of men. Some say he was a genius, and some say that he was an evil mad man, and some would say he was a little bit of both. Crowley wrote the book ‘The book of the law’ which is basically how Crowley saw the world as a society of control, and wrote the book on how the human race could become free from religious oppression. His basic idea was to be free from religious and social dogmas.

Alexandrian witchcraft

Again a path that uses witchcraft started by the man Alex Sanders. His form of paganism is based more in ritualistic and high magick type work. This type of witchcraft is seen more often than not in the united states.

Celtic paganism

(Similar to modern Gardarian Wicca or witchcraft) A strong pagan set of beliefs based on ancient Celtic Pagan beliefs. This type of worship is mostly seen in the UK, although its seen all around the world. This type of worship is strongly based on nature worship (although all the pagan ones are) but this holds the strong idea of a unity with nature spirits at the very front of its belief system. The Druids would come into the Celtic paganism section also. The Oak king, Green man, Herne the hunter and Cerunnos are all important nature Gods and spirits to the ancient Celts, and to today's Neo-pagans. The festival of Halloween origonally called Samhain, is looked upon as the Celtic new year.

Norse paganism

A Pagan path based around the beliefs of the northern countries of Europe, such as the Germanic tribal people, and countries such as Norway, Iceland, and Scandinavia. Much of these beliefs where shared by the Vikings and Nordic warrior cultures.

Native American spirituality

This faith for obvious reasons is seen more than not in America and Canada, similar to the aboriginal types of spirituality, its based on the worship of an earth mother or nature Goddess. Much of modern wisdom and ways of spirit communication is gained by the ancient native Americans understanding of there natural environments. The worship of animal spirits are a large part of this worship. Its taught that communication with the spirits of wise and cunning animals can bring spiritual wisdom to man, and to the tribes that practised this ancient earth religion, and that still do today.

Greek witchcraft

Not much different to Dianic witchcraft, but most of the time both the God and Goddess are worshipped as equal spiritual partners. Greek mythology is a symbolic historicic account of what the ancient Greeks believed in.


The Pentagram can mean different things to different people, its been used to represent good and evil in many religious societies in the worlds history. It goes back as far back as 3100-2900 BCE where it was found on potsherds in the location of Uruk, near to the mouth of the Gulf. It also can be seen in Babylon, 900 BCE. Its meaning to early Christians was that it represented the 5 wounds of Christ, and was a symbol of Jesus on the cross, just like the crucifix is today, but over time Christianity has changed it into a symbol of the devil, which seems to contradict history, as it predated the invention of Satan by 1000s of years. Christianity’s growing belief that the Pentagram represents Satan probably comes from its connection with the star Venus, the roman Goddess of love that would over a period of time do a Pentagram movement through out the celestial sky.

The Pentagram was also called the Druids foot, because its said that the ancient druids wore them on there feet, to represent there selves to the earth mother.

There are many Pentagrams on some of the oldest churches in the UK, this might be because of the Christians old belief in the Pentagram representing Christ, or it could have been that some of the newly converted Christians form Paganism where reluctant to walk away from there old Pagan ways completely. This could also explain why many churches and cathedrals where built on old pagan places of worship, where ley lines meet, and knew that Pagan places of worship were of huge energy points, so building a church on them would make sense to the Christians of them times, even thought they condemned Paganism, they where using a bit of mix and match.

Above the Baptistory of St. John

Christianity then demonized the five pointed star, because it was a Roman religious symbol, so it was against there lord Jesus Christ. Another way they might have looked at it is that it has five points, and each points spells out the name of the beast S.A.T.A.N, and also when the Pentagram is up side down it looks like the devil, with its horns and goatee beard. But some believe that the 5 points on the pentagram spell out J.E.S.U.S when its up the right way.

Above the Pentagram as Christians and Satanists now see it. Some would say that the inverted way is the earthly way, the way of the beast. To wear it up side down would mean the individual person, and that we are just another animal or beast, which is why many Satanists believe in individualism today. One of the 9 satanic rules (the 7th) is that man is just another animal, because to be an individual is to separate them selves from the flock, which would mean to leave the Judaic God's flock of a dogmatic society, proclaiming them self no longer a lamb of Christ, or to the Abrahamic God. It is Also looked upon as the symbol of Baphomet, that represents a balance of light and darkness (As above so Below).

Above how most Neo-Pagans see the Pentagram

The ancient connection with the Goddess of love Venus and the planet can be seen in ancient art. Which has also has been called by Christianity the morning star. In Revelations, Jesus referred to himself as the bright and morning star. And later the star also became the false light of Lucifer (the light bearer). It was seen very differently in the ancient Pagan Greek and Roman beliefs.

The pattern that Venus moves in the sky in conjunctions with the Sun forms a Pentagram which has probably motivated much of what is believed in the ancient world about the five pointed star.

Above you can see that the movements of Venus draw out the Pentagram in the sky.

Many political leaders have used the Pentagram as a symbol of power. For instance if you look at the shape, the points of a Pentagram make, you can see it makes a pentagon, the reason the USA have shaped there war operations as a pentagon.

Also the Pentagram is used on the American medal of honour.

Above the American medal of honour. Its also interesting to note that its used up side down when used for a war medal.

The pagans meaning to the Pentagram

The Pagan belief in the Pentagram is that its four points represent earth, air, fire, water. The top point representing spirit or the higher power, it also represents the minds eye. The figure of a person can be seen as the Pentagram, with its arms and legs out stretched, it represents the higher self of man, the mind and consciousness of man, or our natural divine self, its why many Pagans use magic and the Pentagram to perform his or hers magic(k) as they believe that the power of the divine is within us all, and is represented by the highest point on the Pentagram (our consciousness) its self the focal point of spiritual energy, followed by the hands that can be used to direct this spiritual energy’s into the physical world to cause change.

The pentagon in the centre and outside of a Pentagram represents the Solar plexus, which means the goddess’s womb, the giver of spiritual life, and also symbolises the woman’s womb from which all physical life comes from. The womb also means change to many pagans, its represented by the cauldron.

Invoking and banishing a Pentagram will be used in Pagan rituals. There is an invoking Pentagram that is drawn into the air to invoke something, or a banishing Pentagram that’s is drawn into the air to banish something.

The Pentagram is a representation of nature which can only exist if earth, air, fire, and water exist, its these elements of nature that represent the God and Goddess that causes nature to be. Two of the elements are female energies or Goddess energies, which are represented by an up side down triangle, which looks like a cup that represents water and the vaginal shape of a women’s reproductive organs, and the other two are male or God energies, which is represented by a triangle up the right way, that looks like the shape of a fire, which you can see in the above diagram. Earth and water are female, and fire and air are male.

The Pentagram also is an eternal pattern, like an endless knot meaning the eternal soul.

The Pentagram is symbolic that man and women are apart of all living things, and is apart of nature that a higher force created. The Pentagram in the occult if offten is a symbol of home (the earth) and of the higher powers that created the earth, universe and nature.


The moons phases are very important when it comes to paranormal activity and ritual work.

The pagan understandings of the full moon and supernatural energies are that different phases of its cycle matter effect things differently, so paranormal investigations are best done on a full moon or as close to it as possible.

The phases of the moon are symbolically arranged to better understand the triple goddess (maiden/New, mother/Waxing Crone/Dark)

The full moon is at its most effective, because she is at her most powerful on a full moon, because her light is strongest on a full moon, she (the moon) is in its prime, because she is no longer young, or not yet old (the Crone). When a moon is waxing she is becoming more and more powerful which is why paranormal events become more and more common the more she waxes, and when the moon is waning her energy is pulled further and further away, therefor paranormal activity decreases in the waning stage.

On the dark of a moon (or her death) there is little or no chance of paranormal activity because she is in the death stage phase, and her light or life has died out, but at the dark moon or crone stage the Goddess is considered at her most wise, and takes all that she has learned over to the other world on the dark of the moon. Its only at the new moon that she is reborn and will start a fresh the waxing process again as the young maiden. This is also a representation of reincarnation.

This is all symbolic to Pagans so that they can understand the life phase of each lunar month, so that they can understand the nature of the Goddess, so that they can arrange there magical rituals, so that they will be as affective as possible. As an example of this, if someone is doing a ritual to banish a bad habit, or to get rid of un-welcome negative energies, they will do this type of ritual obviously on a waning moon, and if they want to do a ritual to gain something or attract positive energies they will obviously do the ritual on the waxing of a moon, but the best time for most magick would be on a full moon, as all is aligned and equal. On the dark of the moon, magick would be a waist of time (although some pagans differ on that) Some believe that the dark of the moon would be the best time to perform curses.

The Goddess is at her closest on a full moon, so that Goddess energy is going to help spirits manifest them selves and to effect the living world.

The moons power can be felt by some sensitives, it can also cause confusion in some people, and even cause them to do things they might not normally do. Insane people also are said to act up on a full moon (hence the word luna-tic) its power can effect us in many ways, sometimes positive, and sometimes negative, but whatever its effect its closely associated with the paranormal and occult.

Next time there is a full moon, and its a clear sky go out and look at the moonlight on the ground, and concentrate on it, it seems to be alive at times, and you can see it moving over the fields as if its rippling, almost like a water effect, or a sea of moonlight.

The moon affects the waters on earth, such as the tides of the seas, it also affects our brains, as the brain is made up of mostly water. It also affects the electric currents that pass through our brains, that can cause us to become more sensitive to the supernatural.

The moon is also associated with fertility because of the 12-13 full moons of the year, and also the women’s monthly creation of a egg in the womb, which would also connect the moon with the Goddess of fertility.

There is what some see as a mental illness called Lycanthropy, in which people on a full moon have delusions that they are turning into a werewolf and in some cases other animals.

Science seems baffled as to why this condition only seems to happen on a full moon, but many in the occult believe it is because the moons force is doing things to the brain that is not normally used, that causes some form of spiritual transfiguration. Legend even goes as far to suggest that people really do change into wolves on a full moon.

The word "lunatic" probably comes from people acting crazy or different on a full moon, the moon being lunar, lunatic seems to make sense.


The man into beast myth probably comes from ancient pagans dressing up as animals in there furs and horns to hunt wild game for food, they would put the skin of a stag on and its horns and crawl about so they could get close to other deer in order to catch them, so the deer would not be so suspicious of the hunters.

Ancient pagans and some even today would perform rituals, most of the time on the full moon, and dress up in wolves furs and howl at the moon and act in other animal type ways. The native Americans also did similar things. They would do this in meditative trances. It was said that the spirits of the wolves and sometimes other animals would enter the bodies of the people doing the rituals and the men and women could learn from there animal skills of hunting. To pagans then and today animals are seen as very magical animals or "Totems) and that we can learn a lot from them spiritually and physically.

Remember Pagans in them times would see man as just another animal, so the transformation from man to beast would not be as far fetched as it might seem to us.

Early Christians probably saw these rituals taking place in the forests and woods which is where the myth comes from of man turning into wolves. They saw it was done on a full moon, so also associated man turning in to animals with the full moon. Whether the ancient pagans could actually allow the souls of animals into there bodies is open to debate, but it is true that the ancients where much more spiritually advanced than us modern people, neo-pagans included. Much of the ancients amazing knowledge was destroyed over the centuries by the rise in Christianity that tried to wipe out the old religion, because they considered it devil worship. Modern pagans today are trying there best to put back together a way of life that has been shattered by the fundamentalist religious folk.

The belief in Werewolves just a few hundreds of years ago was very popular in the more Nordic northerly countries of Europe, it probably came from the Viking myths about the Nordic curse about the berserker legends (which is where the word going berserk comes from) where Vikings would dress in animal skins before battle and act in terrifying rages, which is why the Vikings where so feared, because they had the fearless rage of a crazed animal before going into battle. Again it was believed that the Vikings would become possessed by the spirits of ferocious animals in order to fight aggressively.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 8:39 pm    Post subject: A Brief Introduction To The Occult Reply with quote

A Brief Introduction To The Occult

Occultism is the study of the hidden sciences and arts from the past. The word Occult comes from Latin: Occultus (hidden), referring to the 'knowledge of the secret' or 'hidden knowledge' and often referring to the supernatural, as opposed to 'knowledge of the visible' or 'knowledge of the measurable', often related to matter of Science.

An Occultist believes in their study of ancient sciences by means of seeking the truth that exists beyond the surface of what is generally accepted or understood today. The belief by many practicing Occultists is that the Truth is always hidden in plain sight, beyond the realm of 'conceptual' reality - this is for many a common rule, and in order to gain greater knowledge of the unknown world around which we exist in. Seeking the fruit of knowledge is the ultimate goal in achieving true power - thus the symbolic "forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil" of which Adam and Eve ate from, has always been associated to the study of the Occult - and this has always been regarded as the reason for the Occult being referred to as a study of dark arts or sciences, because it goes against God's will. The reason for this is because Occultists attempt to become godheads (godlike) themselves by attaining the power and knowledge of God, this of course is seen as heretical and in turn the Occult has been regarded as a demonic source for power and education.

The Occult can deal with subjects ranging from a wide variety of different areas that have often been incorporated in both the Natural, Psychical and Mystical form, however most studies include those of: Talismans, Runes, Rituals, Magick (encompassing both White and Black Magick) - alternatively spelt to differentiate itself from popular parlour tricks, Sorcery, Voodoo, Alchemy, Necromancy, Demonology, Astrology, Numerology, Lucid Dreams, Divination and Geomancy, Astral Projection, Trans-dimensional Convergence, Mysticism, God-casting, Kabbalah, Psychokinesis - mind movement (PK), Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Yoga, Meditation Rites and Mystery 'Babylon' Religions.


Most scientists try to explain observable phenomena through practical and rational methods of research. An Occultist should be considered a scientist who is in tune with different aspects of the world around (Natural, Psychical, Physical and Psychological or Mental) - uses the knowledge acquired from history either from texts or apprenticeship as their basis for understanding and learning the unexplainable phenomena that forms the body of Occult studies.

Many things that are and inadvertently are not claimed by major religions around the world are included in the all encompassing field of the Occult. It is a science that deals in the study of mysticism in both the exoteric and esoteric - this has often confused the true boundaries of what the study of the Occult embodies. But since the Occult is simply a reflection of hidden science it should be compared to as an alternative to the field of Science. In fact it is applied in the same way as Science would to Physics as the Occult would to Astrology and Psychokinteics, whereas in comparison to Chemistry one would find the alternative of which the latter was borne from - Alchemy, and even Biology would be comparable to the study of Homeopathy, Osteopathy and Ayurveda (an ancient practice rooted in Vedic culture relating to the Physical and Anatomy). The common understanding is that of Psychology which clearly relates itself to Parapsychology, encompassing a vast calibre of areas in itself, consisting of the study of phenomena related to the human mind, consciousness, body, world and creatures around us which do not fit into conventional standards.

Experiences of a 'world' usually outside conventional perception have been notably reported by mystics of completely different traditions. It is through these experiences to which the Occultist has devoted their time and life in gaining insight of such a 'world'. Occultism naturally follows Mysticism, seeing as it borrows upon the religions and mythology of the ancient world (as well as the spiritual world) that most people have associated to their culture and beliefs. Occultism has been observed to have been developed from many different strands of the ancient world and cultures, such as the knowledge and traditions of the people from Ancient Egypt and Greece (strong proponents in the influence of their belief systems), Norse (Scandinavian) and Slavic Mythology, New World (Aboriginal, Inca, Mayan and Aztec), Asia (Mongolian, India, Tibet, Ancient Chinese and Japanese), American Indian, Northern-Europe (Celt and Wicca - Druidism), Babylon (Assyria and Sumer) - including Arthurian, Pagan, Roman and even as far as Medieval (The Crusades) and Neolithic (Old World Systems) time periods as well. Including knowledge and 'power' that is associated to the legendary "spiritual" and powerful continents to which the Occult owes a lot of it's interest from: Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria (Kumari Kandam), Airyana Vaejo, Thule, Ogygia, Lyonesse (Avalon), Shambala (Shangri-La) and Mu as well as others.


There are no particular boundaries to the world of the Occult, this is because the Occult not only deals with the knowledge of our ancient world and ancestral philosopher Kings, but also delves into the knowledge that is besought from the other planes (or worlds) which co-exist to our realm - that of the demon world, the spirit world, the world of beasts and finally the void which is often believed to be the origin of the Source to everything. This of course can be argued to no extent simply because every Occultist has their own opinion as to which world their knowledge or power is borrowed from and what makes up the composition of each world - according to individual philosophy and belief system.

It is believed that the 'Wise Men' in the bible who visited the New Born infant Jesus were Magi of the Kabbalah. This notion was later adopted by the Golden Dawn society (dealing with study, research and practice into the Occult) and brought out into the open by Aleister Crowley and his protégé Israel Regardie. However, links to the Occult stretch further into the past - this is of course highly controversial seeing as most grimoires (tomes of magical knowledge associated to the Occult) were written between the late-Medieval period and the 18th century. These were books containing astrological correspondences, lists of angels and demons, directions on casting charms and spells, mixing medicines, summoning unearthly entities, opening portals and gateways, and making talismans which were all believed to have been part of a secret knowledge that was passed down throughout the ages from practicing Magi, 'Exorcists', and Occultists heralding from ancient times. Since the Medieval period many authors have added insight to the study of the Occult by drawing parallels between different disciplines, those that were learned (from magickal texts and taught by mentors) or perceived (through spiritual/astral means) - but always borrowing from one another creating a system of magick from the roots of many different styles. Especially those from Eastern traditions (from the Oirent and Asia) which have been around for longer than those of Western traditions (Europe and the Middle East), the reason for this is because most of the texts and works involving the Occult were either lost or destroyed, unlike those of from the East which were preserved and hidden until recently.

It is important to note however, that many Occultists will also study different aspects of known Science in order to add validity to their Occult knowledge in a day and age where the mystical has been easily undermined as simple flight-of-fancy. An oft-cited means of gaining insight into the Occult is the use of a focus. A focus may be a physical object (as employed through Divination techniques), a ritualistic action (for example, meditation or chanting), or a medium in which one becomes wholly immersed. Direct insight into or perception of the Occult is said not to consist of access to physically measurable facts, but to be achieved through the mind (mental and/or psychological) or the spirit (spiritual).

Occultism has seen countless resurgences throughout history with exemplary model practitioners and scholars who have ensured Occultism a permanent place in Western popular culture with the help of individuals devoted to Western traditions:

Abramelin the Mage, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Merlin Ambrosius, Kenneth Anger, Apollonius of Tyana, Lucius Apuleius, Abdul Alhazred 'The Mad Arab' (Lovecraftian), Roger Bacon, Giuseppe Balsamo (Count Alessandro di Cagliostro), William Blake, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Olaus Borrichius, Brother Blue (avatar to Paracelsus), Giordano Bruno, W. E. Butler, Cassandra (Oracle), Edgar Cayce, Benevenuto Cellini, Christina of Sweden, Circe, Aleister Crowley, Arthur Dee, Dr. John Dee, Maya Deren, Gerina Dunwich, Julian the Apostate, Julius Evola, Dr. Iohan Fausten (Faust), Nicholas Flamel, Robert Fludd, Dion Fortune, Count of St Germain, Isobel Gowdie, Hecate, Heinrich Himmler, Heraclitus of Ephesus, Edward Kelley, Athanasius Kircher, Anton LaVey, Timothy Leary, Eliphas Lévi, H. P. Lovecraft , Gyges of Lydia, Arthur Machen, Albertus Magnus, Simon Magus, Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers, Medea, Catherine Montvoisin (La Voisin), Sir Isaac Newton, Marie-Anne Le Normand, Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus), Paracelsus, Jack Parsons, Martines de Pasqually, Henry Percy, Plato, Plotinus, Claudius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy), Pythagoras, Gilles de Rais, Sir Walter Raleigh, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, Israel Regardie, Johannes Reuchlin, Robert Owen Scott Jr., Rudolf Steiner, Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor, Semiramis, King Solomon, Hermes Trismegistus, Johannes Trithemius, Virgil, Arthur Edward Waite, Adam Weishaupt, Johann Weyer, Robert Anton Wilson, William Butler Yeats

RIGHT-HAND & LEFT-HAND PATH  (see my other posting about left hand path)

In the Occult there are two sectors to which the practitioner or scholar will either choose from in their studies, that is the Left-Hand Path and the Right-Hand Path.

Both refer to a postulated dichotomy between two distinct types of religious following - this however has been debated continuously. The exact meaning of the terms has developed and varied over time; the most modern definition regards Right-Hand Path relating to religions which focus upon the worship of one or many deities and the observance of strict moral codes in which the Occultist abides by in order to achieve greater insight. Whereas religions which value the advancement of the 'self' over other goals, such as those bound to society and the rest of the Natural world are considered to belong to the Left-Hand Path. This usage of the terms however has been argued against by followers of the Right-Hand Path in regards to Left-Hand Path followers who are believed to have created the division and labeling of this religious dichotomy in order to form a separate system from New Age practices and study, which would place "left-hand" as a study of subjects material to Satanism, or Black Magick.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I realize it has been come time since this thread ended, but I was so impreessed reading the overview of the occult I was inspired to register at these forums. I am interested in what people feel about thwe UFO phenomenon in light of this very deep understanding of occultism, and why it is that the Christian belief system tends to demonize UFOs and their entities

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