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American Ghost Stories

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admin Madmart
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:55 pm    Post subject: American Ghost Stories  Reply with quote

Executed Witches Haunt The Joshua Ward House

According to local Salem lore, Sheriff George Corwin lived and died on the land Joshua Ward built his house on. Corwin comes out to haunt the house at night, along with two other spirits directly tied to the Salem witch trials.

Corwin established his home and jail in Salem in 1680s. During the witch trials, Corwin was nicknamed "The Strangler" for his intense interrogation techniques. People he believed were witches or warlocks received death sentences - if they survived the interrogation, that is. He ordered the executions of 19 men and women, commanding that they be slowly strangled or crushed to death with large rocks.

In addition to the sadistic spirit of Corwin, the Joshua Ward House is also supposedly haunted by an executed warlock and witch. They cause the lights to flicker, make doors open and slam, and blow gusts of wind through the house at random. The spirits are also known to overturn trash cans and melt down unlit candles.

Restless Spirits - The Lizzie Borden House

Most people have heard of Lizzie Borden, thanks to a morbid rhyme: "Lizzie Borden took an ax / and gave her mother forty whacks / when she saw what she had done / she gave her father forty-one." In 1892, Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother were brutally murdered in their home with an ax. Borden was tried for the murders, but acquitted - though she remained notorious for the rest of her life.

The Borden house still stands in Fall River, MA, and some believe the violent deeds of the past have left their mark on the property. Visitors report feeling ill and having a sense of being watched, and some even claim to have seen apparitions in the home while staying overnight. The house haunting has been investigated by paranormal researchers, and was also featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.


Quaker cemetery in Leicester, MA,

The old Quaker cemetery in Leicester, MA, is officially called The Friends Cemetery, but to locals it will always be known as Spider Gates. According to legend, it's a gateway to hell; pass through the right (or wrong) entry, and you'll find yourself in the underworld.

The chilling stories don't stop there. People say you can summon spirits from their graves, and that a point in the center of the cemetery was used as an altar for Satanic worship. Sometimes, a mysterious white substance oozes from the ground. Human tragedies mark Spider Gate, too; a young girl was supposedly murdered and dismembered in a nearby cave, and a teenage boy may have hanged himself at the cemetery gate back in the 1980s.

Boston Light in Cohasset, MA.  -  demon

According to the Quonahassitis tribe, a demon called Hobomock inhabits the granite ledges outside the Boston Light in Cohasset, MA. These rocks are notorious for damaging ship hulls and claiming lives. The lighthouse that was erected to prevent the overwhelming amount of wrecks supposedly has some spirits of its own, all believed to be the ghosts of light keepers past.

The first keeper drowned after his boat capsized a few months after he started the job. Robert Saunders, the second keeper, only lasted a few days on the job before he, too, drowned.

The Boston Light had been in service a little over a year when the keeper at the time left his two assistants in charge the morning of April 11, 1851. While he was gone, an intense gale moved in from the northeast, preventing him from returning to his post. On April 16th, people were awoken by the non-stop ringing of the fog bell out at the lighthouse. The next morning, the building was gone. One of the unfortunate assistants washed up on Gull Rock Island’s shore; the other was found in Nantucket. Hobomock had struck again.


The Most Haunted Forest In The World  ??  The Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle is the 200-square mile area around the Freetown/Fall River State Forest in Massachusetts. This forest is notorious for supernatural activity and freaky occurrences: brutal murders, suicides, animal mutilations, and Satanic rituals are all rumored to have happened here. The forest itself is said to be full of floating orbs and cloaked figures, and UFO sightings have been reported here as well.
The supernatural & paranormal is out there.

(ADMIN) madmart
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:59 am    Post subject: Moving these great New England "haunts" this AM! Reply with quote

   admin Madmart, I'd not read any one of them before this morning after truckin' all night! Now with you finding them for us I'll take them all back to America today! This world is a haunted planet for sure!

You noted: Executed Witches Haunt The Joshua Ward House

According to local Salem lore, Sheriff George Corwin lived and died on the land Joshua Ward built his house on. Corwin comes out to haunt the house at night, along with two other spirits directly tied to the Salem witch trials.

Corwin established his home and jail in Salem in 1680s.

Our family's ancestor died before the sad inhumane Salem Witch Trials.

John Endecott
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"John Endicott" redirects here. For the American academic and administrator, see John E. Endicott.

John Endecott

John Endecott Portrait.jpg

1st, 10th, 13th, 15th, and 17th Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

In office the first time........

Succeeded by John Winthrop

In office again........

Preceded by John Winthrop

Succeeded by John Winthrop

In office again.......

Preceded by John Winthrop

Succeeded by Thomas Dudley

In office again.......

Preceded by Thomas Dudley

Succeeded by Richard Bellingham

In office again.......

Preceded by Richard Bellingham

Succeeded by Richard Bellingham

Personal details

Born 1588
Chagford, England

Died 15 March 1664/5 (aged 77)
Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

Resting place Tomb 189, Granary Burying Ground

Jane Francis (died 1629)
Elizabeth Gibson Married (m. 1630–65)


John Endecott (also spelled Endicott; 1588[citation needed] – 15 March 1664/5),[1] regarded as one of the Fathers of New England,[2] was the longest-serving Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which became the State of Massachusetts. He served a total of 16 years including most of the last 15 years of his life. When not serving as governor, he was involved in other elected and appointed positions from 1628-1665 except for the single year of 1634.

Endecott was a zealous and somewhat hotheaded Puritan, with Separatist attitudes toward the Anglican Church. This sometimes put him at odds with Nonconformist views that were dominant among the colony's early leaders, which became apparent when he gave shelter to the vocally Separatist Roger Williams. Endecott also argued that women should dress modestly and that men should keep their hair short, and issued judicial decisions banishing individuals who held religious views that did not accord well with those of the Puritans. He notoriously defaced the English flag because he saw St George's Cross as a symbol of the papacy, and had four Quakers put to death for returning to the colony after their banishment. An expedition he led in 1636 is considered the opening offensive in the Pequot War, which practically destroyed the Pequot tribe as an entity.

Endecott used some of his properties to propagate fruit trees; a pear tree he planted still lives in Danvers, Massachusetts. He also engaged in one of the earliest attempts to develop a mining industry in the colonies when copper ore was found on his land. His name is found on a rock in Lake Winnipesaukee, carved by surveyors sent to identify the Massachusetts colony's northern border in 1652. Places and institutions are named for him, and (like many early colonists) he has several notable descendants.

Source credited to.......cussing I'm in an edit war with one moderator at Wikipedia!

My last name, omitted, and Mum was a Lowe and both date back 100% English and our American "family tree" starts with him. Of which my 84 year old aunt in San Jose, California, myself, my late Mum and about 28 local and distant living relatives are living descendants of Governor John Endicott.

Sadly his orchestrated attacks on the Pequot tribe started by a big sailing ship with volunteer soldiers in small boats landing on Block Island in the Atlantic Ocean. That long ago battle began when the tribe defended their lands on that beach!

That part of our distant relationship was one "bad apple" event I was never proud to read.  He started a war that went all the way to California in 250 years of aggressive white men's intrusion of their lands.   The dead untold numbers of Native American ghosts no doubt exist to this day!  angry7  

MK love9

When I'm up all night I always type too much!

"Coming Back to Life" - The Division Bell - Pink Floyd - 1994

Ref the above link: Was there a spooky tribute, in lyrics, awaiting Monsanto's CEO in 1996?
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